Hi all --

I tried to start my brand new Aquacomfort Heat Pump for the first time about two and a half weeks ago. It had an error code -- LP5 -- and would not run. I called my PB and they started trying to get hold of the company, as did I. It was very difficult to get a live person. After several days they connected and said that it had to be replaced. They said they shipped out a new unit. Two weeks later the unit is still not here, my pool is too cold to swim in, and I'm super frustrated. They do not answer their phone consistently or return phone messages, or reply to their on line system that they claim to reply to within 48 hours.

Here are the snippets of the story they have told to either me or my PB:

The units are often damaged in shipping.

They do not know what happened to my replacement they shipped because they cannot find the tracking number.

They used a shipper they do not usually use.

They have a bill of lading but the numbers don't match up.

They don't know where my shipment is, but it's probably the fault of my PB, because often someone signs for something and sticks it in a warehouse and forgets it.

They cannot transfer my call to anyone higher up in the company.

They are doing what they can (trying to find a tracking number) but there's nothing else I can do.

They cannot ship me another heat pump.

The person I talked to said he would ask the owner of the company ("Mark Pullman") to call me.

I'm trying to find contact info for Mark Pullman but no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions for me how to get a new heat pump out of them stat?

Many thanks, Eva