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Thread: My first test using TF-100, please help

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    My first test using TF-100, please help

    Background: my pool was green when I decided that I had enough advice from the pool store "3rd green pool this season" so I came here and started learning, I figured I needed to SLAM my pool and without drop test I had no idea how much Chlorine I need so I added 3 jugs of 8.25% every night, some times I added more. last few days water started to look clear, but I still see a small cloudy green/orange cloud when I sweep the pool at the bottom. I have not added any Chlorine yesterday.

    Yesterday the TF-100 kit game with the electric mixer "what a great and fun product " so when the sun when down i tried the drop test for the first time and I got a reading of FC 21, this morning I did the full test and here is my result

    FC 21
    CC 0.5
    PH below 6.8
    CYA 50 "using my wife eyes, she have better sight, my eyes told me it was 60"
    TA 100
    CH 1050

    This was my first test, I am not 100% sure I did everything correctly as the colors didn't change exactly as I thought they would, but for the most part I think it was more correct than wrong.

    Q1: The green/orange cloud that I can see when I sweep the pool bottom, is this something I need to take care of? is this algae that is still alive?
    Q2: Based on these reading, what is my next move? wait until sun go down and take more reading or start to raise/drop some of them?

    Thank you for your help/advice
    11,200 gal, IG, Plaster, cartridge filter

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    Re: My first test using TF-100, please help

    Welcome to TPFC!!!

    Good for you, getting the Tesla of pool testing kits!! Nothing better IMHO.

    Now for the answers. You need to continue the SLAM. Keep your FC up at 21 based on your CYA of 50.
    Keep this up until your water is clear and you pass the other SLAM criteria as listed here: Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

    You need to raise your pH up to 7.2 but normally with your FC being above 10, the test isn't very reliable. So I'm not sure what to tell you to do on that one. I would say to use PoolMath to find out what you need to do to get pH right. Hopefully someone with more experience with low pH will be along soon.
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    Re: My first test using TF-100, please help

    The pH test reads falsely too high when FC is above 10 ppm.

    Since your pH is too low, it would be OK to raise it to about 7.5 but probably not any higher than that.
    Dave S.
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