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Thread: First test results on swim spa using TF100

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    First test results on swim spa using TF100

    Just did my first set of tests on the swim spa:

    TA-190 (this was an estimate because it never turned red, just purple)

    I added 8 oz of 8.25% bleach, ran the pumps & filters, and retested 30 minutes later with the following results:

    TA-150-200 (when do you stop adding drops-when it first changes color, or when the color stops getting darker?)

    I didn't retest CYA and CH after adding bleach because I didn't think these would be impacted.

    My water is still a little cloudy. I use it about 4 times/week, 1-2 hours at a time. The pumps/filters run twice a day for 3 hours each cycle, plus any time I'm in the pool. I've been cleaning the filters once a month. I had been using MPS weekly, but haven't used it in two weeks in order to get an accurate CC measurement. The spa has two small fountains that aerate the water when the pumps are running. The spa stays covered when not in use. Also, the spa has an ozonator which is on when the pumps are running.

    Any suggestions for getting rid of the cloudiness? Everything looks okay to me except the TA seems high. How do I get that lower?
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    Re: First test results on swim spa using TF100

    Hello Julie! Spas are not my strong-suit, but you haven't received a reply so I want to add a couple comments and bump this thread for you. Some things you may want to consider are:
    - FC was zero or low. With your CYA of 40, your FC target should be 5, and never below 3. You may have had some organics trying to thrive causing the cloudiness
    - Not sure cleaning the filters once a month is enough when a spa gets regular use like yours. You may want to try weekly, see how that does, then back-off to bi-weekly, etc.
    - Do you have a way to check to make sure your ozonator is working properly? That should be helping to oxidize processed organic material as well.

    So I would be inclined to raise the FC level to your target level of 5 and see what effect that has, coupled with cleaning your filter and inspecting your ozonator. I suspect you should see another reply or two as this thread receives more visibility. I hope this helps. Have a great day!
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    Re: First test results on swim spa using TF100

    Just a quick addition to what Texas said. TA can be lowered by lowering pH with muriatic acid. Since you have a number of sources of aeration, your pH will probably rise and as you lower with MA your TA goes down too. Use PoolMath to find out how much MA to use to lower pH.

    Here is a related link: Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity
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    Re: First test results on swim spa using TF100

    I have been using this process to maintain my hot tub for almost two years and it is great.
    How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)?
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