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Thread: Forum User Statistics

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    Forum User Statistics

    I found the following statistics interesting. 57% of registered TFP forum users have no posts and are not TFP supporters (i.e. have not paid, though this does not count any who donate amounts less than full TFP Lifetime). Perhaps they are registering so that they can identify new posts since their last visit, but are just getting useful information without the need for interaction. About 35% have posted, but are not TFP supporters (have not paid). About 7% are TFP supporters (paid members) and nearly 90% of these have posted.

    6511 total users

    3713 with 0 posts (57.0%)

    443 with 1 post (New User)
    360 with 2 posts (New User)
    240 with 3 posts (New User)
    148 with 4 posts (New User)
    133 with 5 posts (New User)
    621 with 6-19 posts (New User)
    313 with 20+ posts (Registered User)
    2258 with 1+ posts (34.7%)

    1 Site Admin
    6 Mod Squad
    10 Special Contributor

    19 TFP Supporter (no longer offered?; was $15 per year?)

    47 TFP Lifetime with 0 posts
    398 TFP Lifetime with 1+ posts
    445 TFP Lifetime (one-time $30 donation)

    7 TFP Platinum (one-time $100 donation) all have posted
    471 paid members (7.2%)

    51 In the Industry

    1 BBQ Guru
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    Re: Forum User Statistics

    Alot of those non-posters had to register to use the search function, I believe....I think they should post! I always find it interesting talking to people from various parts of the world....even if its just to say Hi and where they are from....

    Interesting stats, thanks for sharing the analysis!
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    Re: Forum User Statistics

    Maybe since summer is right around the corner it is time to send everyone a reminder to come by and post...
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    Re: Forum User Statistics

    The information one can obtain from this site is definitely worth a donation since the value not only produces quality, safe, and enjoyable pools and spas but saves $'s in supplies and needless expenses incurred through lack of knowledge (I know it has for me).
    It amazes me how much of their time the gurus spend answering questions, doing research, following up that basically is free to anyone with access.
    Just thinks its right to support the forum or at least post.
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    Re: Forum User Statistics

    I'm embarrass to say that I did my onetime donation for a life time membership and never went any further. I have saved at a thousand times that much from following the advice from all contributors to this site. Also, TFP should send out emails reminding members to come and sign in. I get emails from the GXSR 1000 member website that said they haven't heard from me in a while. TFP should do the same. Add the moste recent topics, at least five this will cause action to come visit.
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