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Thread: Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

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    Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

    I am looking at buying a home with a pool and I am trying to find out what kind of pool it is, how old it is - if the pump/filter system works etc but the home is an estate sale and I cant get any information from the sellers about it. I have gotten all of the information off of the information plate off of the pump/filter system and included it in my signature. It is a 20x40 pool (I measured it) with a 6' foot deep end. The water is green and from what I can tell by Google Earth photos has been for at least the last year. I am trying to figure out how I can tell if the pump/filatration system works, how old the pool/liner is and even what type of pool it is. It has a large tear on one of the corners above the water line and I can see that there is thin layer of foam padding and then concrete behind it. Before I put an offer on the house I was hoping to get some information on what kind of expense I am looking at or base my offer on total replacement costs since they have no information to offer me.
    ANY advise would be helpful and appreciated.
    Also how does having a pool seem to affect everyone's home owners insurance costs?
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    Re: Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

    Hello and welcome to TFP! Right away, your two biggest concerns would be repairing the liner and does the pump work? If the liner tear is simply above the water line, the repair work and cost may be minimal and simply a cosmetic issue. You might be able to do it yourself, or contract someone to do it for you. If the liner is compromised anywhere else, it could be quite costly. But since the pool appears to be holding water, that's a good sign there is no leak. The pump is the heart of your system. If you find-out the pump is burnt-out, then a replacement might be anywhere from $300-$600 depending upon which replacement you elect to buy or really need to service your pool. The in-line chlorinator is not a player, in-fact we typically recommend not using them at all. The sand filter should be serviceable still. Even the sand may still be good, but even if you had to replace the sand, it's not a big deal. I can't speak for the insurance as I have yet to add my pool to our policy. Perhaps some others can give you an idea. Hope this helps get you going. Great to have you with us.
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    Re: Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

    If it was me, I would factor in the cost of a new pump, new liner, and add a few $$$ for the unknown. Worth a shot. A home is only worth what a person is willing to pay for it. You may also want to have the pool inspected (as part of your contract), by a professional.

    If the water is green, and you stated that you believe it has been like that for a while, you have to wonder why the homeowners let it go. I would shy away as you may find that the liner is in worse shape then you think. I have a friend who overlooked the pool liner & safety mesh cover (cover had a lot of holes in it) and liner is so bleached and there are rips, liner has come off wall, crash in skimmers, etc. And concrete all the way around, not pavers. Now he is looking at $5,000 worth of repairs on top of the $725,000 from the house purchase.

    I am always optimistic, but always proceed with caution. If you take off $5,000 for the possible pool repair, worst case scenario you break even. The only other thing is if the house is that good of a deal and you run the risk of someone else purchasing it immediately, this could be another issue and you may have to take your chances. Homeowners insurance did not increase for me as the pool is covered under "outside structures". Like a good neighbor "State Farm is there".

    Good luck and keep us posted! Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

    Interesting...$5k also entered my mind at the 'cost' to fix the pool and that was before I read Catanzaro's post! Good Luck!
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    Re: Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

    Factor in $5-$10k for pool repairs but make the contract contingent on a full pool inspection. In other words, like the house inspection, YOU get to walk away from the contract without penalty if the pool inspection turns up anything bad.

    You are only, at this point, looking at things that are visible. You need a good pool inspection to find the things you can't obviously see.

    Don't know about GA insurance regulations but having a pool made no difference in my insurance rate. Insurance regs are a state matter so only other GA pool owners can tell you what they've experienced.

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    Re: Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

    5K might be enough for a liner that big, but that would only cover the liner. Figure another 100 or so for new skimmer facelplate and return faceplates and eyeballs.

    There might well be some vermiculite bottom work to do, depending on how much (if any), that could run 1000 - 2500 to repair or replace it, so estimate on the high side for that item.

    Pump, easy DIY project and you can get a 2 speed pump for 550.00, Variable speed pump for 900 ish (for 3 HP) online. Pool company to do it for you, figure 1250 for 2 speed to 1750 variable speed.

    You might also want to consider replacing or instaling a pump timer if you get the 2 speed pump. Again, easy DIY, for 65-150 for a timer, depending on which one you get. Get one with built in freeze protection. Pool Company, 300 - 500 ish (VS pump has built in timer and freeze protection).

    New conduit and wire for pump replacement and timer install. 50$ DIY - Pool compnay would probably use existing, or consider it part of new install.

    The sand filter wont need to be replaced unless it has a hole knocked in it, but a new spider gasket might be required on the multi-port vavle. Again, Easy 25$ DIY. Pool company 100.
    You may need to deep clean the sand in the filter too. (I would recommend it) Do that during the spider gasket replacemnt if you DIY it. DO it before the spider gasket if pool company does the gasket. (no need in opening the filter twice).

    If the pool has a underwater light in it, who knows if it works? 150-200 for incandescent easy DIY.
    Pool Company - 500.

    You can test the steps to be sure they are installed and supported correctly. Its nasty to do in a green pool but worth the effort... so roll up your pants legs and take off your shoes and socks and walk up and down the steps. There should not be any flex in them. FLexing pool steps will eventually crack, or may already be cracked. Very expensive to replace broken steps. They can be repaired on lieu of replacement, but the patch isnt very attractive.

    A new TF100 Test Kit - 68$ + shipping at about 10 or 12$.
    Speed Stir (entirely optional), 30$
    Pool chemicals to balance it out after liner replacement - maybe 50 to 75$ max I would think

    The info and help you get here from TFP - Priceless !!
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Wanting to purchase home with pool but is an estate sale and family knows NOTHING

    I have a 20x40 inground pool, last liner quote I received a year of so ago was $3,600 for a premium grade liner, so I am again in the $5,000 ballpark, this assumes the pool is in Coastal GA where you don't get too much freezing weather, if the pump and filter were left over winter and froze I would bet on replacing them, but either way I doubt you have to worry about underground pipes freezing.


    p.s. even if the liner is still holding water, if it has a tear in the corner chances are it is near the end of its life although you may be able to patch it and get another year or two out of it.
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