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Thread: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

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    Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    I finally talked my GF (owner) into sending the LP heater on it's way to becoming something useful by way or recycling. For eight years it's sat without being used due to the cost of LP.
    OK, I'm leaning toward a heatpump because the operation cost is cheap, no spa connected to the pool and tried to go for a swim tonight because it was a wonderful day and froze my rear.
    The sand filter has cracks at the upper ring where the top screws on, recent new gasket solved previous leaking problem but the new leak is from a crack. Have a 1.5hp hayward single speed.
    Planning on replacing the two skimmer and bottom drain valves this year and plumbing with 2" to the new pump, filter and heater. Want to sink the equipment pad down a bit and remove all the 90's that are in it presently.

    So it's old and I'm looking at recommendations for a good heater, filter and pump.
    I don't need rapid heat, just want something to extend the season that is affordable to operate.
    I liked the sand filter and am thinking of replacing it with something comparable unless there is a good reason to go DE.
    Would like to go with a 2 speed pump as I think it's all we really need and the benefit vs cost makes sense.

    I want to get a pool cleaner but I have a wall to climb. She is convinced this pool can't be cleaned with an automatic cleaner because she was told it would get stuck in the corners because of the lazy "L" shape. I'm tired of pushing that pole and vacuum. Is there a cleaner/vacuum that works well on this shape pool ?? I'm sure they do but convincing her is a struggle that I haven't attempted. It was enough trying to get her to buy the TF100 kit without knowing she did !!!

    I'm a thinker and if you're going to say that your 200 kil, or federick atomic powered whats-is is the bomb please say WHY. Your reason for recommending something is what's important as I know what I think I'll get but I want to have the value of other peoples experience.
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    Re: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    Just a couple of thoughts, first if you go with a DE or cartridge filter they are light enough to be moved inside during the harsh winter unlike a typical sand filter. In the case of my Hayward perflex DE filter, empty my guess is it weighs about 25 pounds or so. On the topic of getting a pool cleaner and getting away from the pole, I would suggest buying one of those el-cheapo made in china special suction side cleaners off ebay for $80 or so as a proof of concept, the only big downside to them that I see is the quality as they tend to fall apart after a few months and can only be patched back together enough to last for 1 season or so.
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    Re: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    I have a DE and I love it from the perspective of clarity. I'm sure a cartridge filter would be just as good too. I agree with Isaac, you want DE or cartridge. If you can get a big enough cartridge filter (they do get a bit pricey), you can probably go the entire season without ever having to clean it and then use the time at the end of the season to tear it down and clean it. Definitely go with a 2-speed pump (Hayward or Pentair are the best ones out there) as you will love the energy savings.

    My heater is a natural gas heater and, at 400,000 BTU/hr, it takes a while to raise the water a few degrees. Problem is I don't cover my pool so all that heat is wasted. It's mainly there for the spa. With your bubble cover (nice reel by the way) and good heat pump, I bet you can extend your swim season by a month easily. If you have NG plumbed in, it might be worth running a comparison based on utility rates. If all you have is electric, then the heat pump is your best bet. I don't know HP models that well, but I'm going to guess that you can probably get a good deal if you bundle your upgrades (all Pentair or Hayward) and maybe even get a 3-yr warranty on the entire upgrade.

    Would love to see you do an upgrade thread with pictures when you're ready to pull the trigger. Good luck.
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    Re: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    I have never had anything but a sand filter so I am no judge on comparisons. I love my sand filter but I do use DE as a supplement. It is easy to clean and my water is crystal clear.

    I have a natural gas heater. 400ish btu. It allows me to heat quickly in the event of a freak weather warm-up. Love that. Also, once at desired temp, it is kinda cheap to keep temp up as opposed to allowing it to lower and raising it back up.

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    Re: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    I have a cartridge filter and I take it out once a year to hose it down. My previous cartridge filterS lasted over 17 years before I replaced them. Now mine are large and heavy so they aren't fun to lift out and carry around and soaking wet they are h..e..a..v..y so I put them in a wheelbarrow to move around. So keep that in mind when shopping around for a cartridge filter.

    I have probably the same heater as Matt above and it is only used for the spa but in a pinch, it could be used for the pool but I doubt I would ever do that...just too expensive for that. I have passive solar heating on the roof to take care of pool heat.

    I have a figure 8 pool and use a Polaris 280. It does a great job but does require a booster pump. I've heard good things about The Pool Cleaner and it doesn't require a booster pump.
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    Re: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    OK, I'm leaning toward a heatpump because the operation cost is cheap,
    Is a heat pump practical in your climate?
    Dave S.
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    Re: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    Two really quick questions for you
    • Is Natural gas an option at all?
    • Do you have either high CH, TA, or metals in your fill water?

    For the most part I see no reason why one should chose a DE filter or a sand filter due to water clarity. Both are more than capable to filter the water to the point that you can't see the difference really. Sand may take longer to get to the end point, but DE requires more effort when dealing with a SLAM. Both have their up's and down's.....but if the water chemistry is right and the filter is large enough.....the water clarity won't suffer. The reason however I ask about your high CH and such in your fill water is that if you are in a predicament like I am and have high Iron in our fill water, then I'd lean towards a DE filter over a sand filter. With us having a DE filter we can disassemble the filter in about 5 minutes to rinse the grids off and "backflush" all the dirty DE using a 5 gallon bucket. The more we can save the water the better, as our only option for "fill" water is to truck it in to the tune of $250 for 5500 gallons. If we had a sand filter it would take alot more work to clean the filter using a similar method. If your fill water however is easy to work with however..........just pick one as neither really offers a large benefit.

    As for the heater..........
    A few months ago we installed a Raypak Heat Pump and have been VERY pleased. In our pool Natural Gas wasn't an option, and LP is VERY pricey as you've seen. Add to that we would have needed to install a new tank, and it narrowed the choice down nicely. We've used this for the last 3 months and it's kept the temp at 86 with no problem, although this year has been rather warm. The average temp in Ohio during the winter isn't that different than WI, however I'd assume we would likely be able to use it later in the year than yourself as winter comes early up that way. We haven't been able to get a good estimate on the cost to run the Heat Pump, however if you PM me I'll give you my gut estimate how much it will set us back on our power bills.

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    Re: Your ideas on heating, filtering and pumping a pool in WI.

    Leebo, that is good to know about your heat pump. Somewhere along our border is when they stop recommending one.

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