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Thread: Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

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    Question Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

    Good Morning,

    I appreciate any advise i can get. The pool store is just trying to sell me everything that can.
    Here are the details:

    25000 Gallon
    Plaster Pool
    Chlorine treated
    Dallas / Ft. Worth Texas

    FAC 1
    TAC 2
    CH 340
    CYA 100
    TA 100
    PH 7.6
    COPPER 0
    TRON 0
    TDS 1600
    PHO 2500 PPB

    The thing I have a problem with is that I am adding 3 - 4 lbs. of Power Powder Plus every day and the chlorine level is 0 every morning. I have use 50 lbs of chlorine powder in the past month.
    Please help me get this under control for them. I will only be here another 2 weeks and then I go home. They can follow a reprimand but trouble shooting is a toss up.

    I feel they are throwing money down a drain. LOL

    Thank You For Your Help,

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    Re: Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

    Hi, welcome to TFP! The best thing you can do for this pool is to get a FAS/DPD test kit such as a Taylor k2006 or the TF 100 (a better value in my opinion)
    and teach your parents how to use it. If you keep running water samples to the pool store there is a good chance they will keep talking your parents into buying a bunch of stuff that will further mess up their pool and not solve the problem. When they are able to conduct and interpret their own tests then they can buy only what they need, and most of it will come from a grocery store.

    First off the CYA is too high. The CYA test tops out at 100ppm, so the reality is that the CYA may be much higher. The CH is on the edge of being too high. Once it goes over 400ppm it can be difficult to prevent calcium scale without careful attention to the TA and pH levels. The Power Powder Plus is calcium hypochlorite and is raising the CH level every time you use it. The total chlorine score of 2 tells us you have a combined chlorine level of 1ppm, which indicates a need to slam the pool.

    You will need to drain the pool to lower the CYA and CH levels. How much you need to drain will depend on how high the CYA really is. After you have your test kit you can dilute a sample of pool water by combining 1 part pool water with 1 part tap water. Mix the water well and use it for the test sample. Double the test result. If the result is over 200 you can further dilute the pool sample, but accuracy decreases with every dilution. At that point you know you will have to drain and refill at least 50% of the volume of the pool anyway, so might as well do that and then test CYA to see if any further draining is necessary.

    Once the water is balanced it will be easy for your parents to keep it that way if they follow TFPC methods. How does the water look now?
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    Re: Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

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    Re: Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

    Welcome to the forum.. Wish I could think of anything to add to zea3s post! She's got you covered.
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    Re: Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

    The water if clear and blue. No algae in pool any longer. That is how it all started. When they uncovered the pool and the trees got attacked by worm the pool went green swamp like. All of the worm waste fell into the pool and set everything on this track. This is killing me and the money they have spent on this pool is rediculous when they only use it 2 a week for 2 months. I thank you for all of your help and I will now move toward getting and doing your recommendations. Any other advise is appreciated. I can't imagine draining 12,500 gallons out of the pool. Just more money. Lets hope the diluted test results come back and that isn't necessary.


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    Re: Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

    The test kit gift is the MAIN thing to do. You might even want to fast ship it to make sure it gets there so you can help them learn how to use it.

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    Re: Son Taking Care of Elderly Parents P340ool

    The only thing I will add is that in our experience more often than not pool store testing is useless and results will be all over the map, this is not to say that all pool store testing is bad, but it happens enough to most of us barely glance at pool store test numbers, it is not so much taking them with a grain of salt, but more like a mountain of salt.
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