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Thread: Filter pressue issue, in floor cleaners, and other items of interest.

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    Filter pressue issue, in floor cleaners, and other items of interest.

    Thanks to everyone that will help me out here. I'm a new pool owner of a pool in need of TLC. The main issues I would like help on at this time are as follows:

    -I have a pebbletec, in ground pool that is about 29K gallons. It has in floor cleaning heads.

    Question 1: As the system moves from cleaning zone to cleaning zone, the system pressure stays constant at about 25 psi until it gets to one specific zone. When it hits that zone, they system sounds like air is in the pipes and the pressure goes up to about 35 psi. When it gets past that zone, the sound goes away and the pressure goes back down. Any ideas?

    Question 2: With the filter pump running, I swept the pool floor towards the two drains. There was some significant dirt that I pushed towards the drains, but it never gets sucked up. The one skimmer in the pool seems to have appropriate suction, but I'm not seeing the drains pull anything into them. There is a valve at 45 deg. going into the pump that is pulling from the drains and the skimmer. I assume the valve at 45 degrees is splitting the suction between the drains and the skimmer equally. Why would I not be seeing the dirt at the bottom getting cleaned up by the drains? There are also two "drains" in the deep end on the wall about half way up. Not sure what those would be for.

    Question 3: I have a two speed pump. High for running the cleaners and low for just circulation. When I run on high, water from the filter is returned to the pool via the cleaning jets in the floor. When on low when the jets don't run, how is the water returned to the pool? Does it still go through the jet ports when they are down in the ground?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Filter pressue issue, in floor cleaners, and other items of interest.

    1. In the one zone that has higher pressure, are all the heads popping up? This could be a problem either in the valve/ gear pack or with the head(s).

    2. Take a picture of the valves and plumbing and post it. I'm not really sure what a valve at a 45 degree setting means, and are you sure the valve is for skimmer/ main drain?

    3. Yes, with a low flow the heads won't pop up but water can flow out around the perimeter of the head.
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    Re: Filter pressue issue, in floor cleaners, and other items of interest.

    (1) Could also be an obstruction in the line.

    (2) Yeah, we need a pic of your plumbing to answer this question. Sometimes the MDs are plumbed to the skimmer and then from the skimmer to the pump. There will be a float valve in the bottom of the skimmer that is used to adjust/regulate the flow between the skimmer and MD. As to what is at your equipment pad, not sure...need that pic. For fun, read my Fake Main Drain post linked in my signature.
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