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Thread: Closing

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    Hi everyone. We are closing pool and I would like to verify we are doing the right thing; especially considering the "free" pool we were given has cost some major bucks, and we really don't want to have to replace the liner again. We are in central Missouri so it does freeze. If I follow the directions in pool school completely for closing pool, will that work considering we experience such low temps? No additional chemicals, eg. antifreeze? I am sure this was considered and you guys haven't disappointed me yet, I am just needeing a co-sign I suppose! Also, how should pump be stored? Drained and placed inside? Thanks to all of you so much for the advice and help you provide! Special thanks for answering questions that are repeatedly asked!
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    Re: Closing

    Closing is mainly common sense, freezing water expands and breaks stuff. There are many different ways pools are designed and the pipers are run. If you can blow out the exposed pipes and get all the water out, then antifreeze may not be needed. But, if there are low points that may retain some water adding it can protect these areas.

    I'm lucky that I stay warm enough that the little snow we get does not damage anything but if I had to close I would be bringing the pump inside.
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    Re: Closing

    Pump n filter should be brought in unless it is full of sand n can't be moved. I'd just make sure all of the water is out of it. If it's DE or Cart, bring it in.

    I'm in Pa n my pool freezes solid every year. I've never used antifreeze. When you cover, make sure you do not wrap the cover cable under the skimmer box.
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    Re: Closing

    Without knowing the specifics of your pool, it is hard to say what exactly needs to be done.

    Is your filter hard plumbed or hoses. if it has hoses, you can take the hoses off, and not worry about anything. If it is hard plumbed, then you need to take care of the plumbing - antifreeze may or may not be necessary.

    As others said, freezing water expands, and will crack things if is contained. Your skimmer box is one of those things. You can drain your pool below the skimmer, or put a plate or plug on the skimmer entrance, or you can use a gizmo in the skimmer box itself. The first two keep water out of the skimmer, the last gives it something to expand against.

    As far as chemicals IN the pool water - bleach, lots of bleach. That's about it. Run it up to SLAM levels before closing, and you should be good.

    To give you an idea, for my pool, this is what I do.

    I put a plate on the skimmer to keep water out.
    I remove the light from my return and replace it with a rubber plug.
    I remove my filter and store it in the shed.
    I have hard plumbed lines, I leave the valves in them open. This way, any rain water that gets into the skimmer will drain out, and if the plug comes out the return, the pool will drain. My lines have no low spots, it's all downhill from the pool to the filter, so they are self draining.
    I run the pool up to SLAM levels and call it a day.

    I do take my filter and do end of season maintenance on it. I take it apart, clean it out, replace anything that needs replacing, lube anything that needs lubing, and reassemble. But that's just me. I know people that just open the backwash port, let it drain, cover it with a tarp and call it a day. I like to think mine will last longer, but sometimes people get lucky.

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