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Thread: Getting that TFP sparkle!

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    Getting that TFP sparkle!

    Yesterday was finally the day where the PB came to clean the pool after concrete was poured. Up until then the pool has sat with water below the skimmer non-circulating since 8/27. With advice here, I added bleach daily, swept and ran a sump pump to try to keep water issues to a minimum. It was a mess and I was worried about how long it would take to clean up since it was so dirty. The kids have been dying to swim and the season is quickly coming to an end here.

    PB gave me test strips and said to take the water to the test store. Told me he wasn't very good at balancing the chemicals. I told him about this site and pool math and he just looked at me in shock! I told him he should send all new clients this way!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share this picture....less than 24 hours after he was here. I swept 2 more times after he left yesterday and have been adding chlorine bleach and and muratic acid. The ph was astronomical because of all the concrete that had been sitting in the water. I still need to add some stabilizer as it tested at 0 and it will be here tomorrow (I'll use the skimmer sock method). I added 2 pucks to the in-line chlorinator but don't plan to use that unless we are away from the pool.

    It really is true that you forget all the pool building worries once you see that sparkle! So glad I found this site!
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    Re: Getting that TFP sparkle!

    Looking gorgeous already! You're one of the lucky ones who found us before the pool got swampy or got pool-stored. Best of luck and be sure to keep us updated as you get things in line with your pool chemistry!

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    Re: Getting that TFP sparkle!

    Congrats on the new pool! and welcome to the site.
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    Re: Getting that TFP sparkle!

    Congratulations on that success story! Our PB has a very good startup method and they tested every day for the first 7 days after adding CYA when we were filling, then another check at 30 days to be sure everything looked good. When he showed up, the PB on site guy was impressed that the water was as clear as it was - and I mentioned TFP to see if he knew about the method (and to see if using TFP would affect warranty). He said he used to maintain a public works pool and it was ALL liquid chlorine. He also said liquid Cl is the best way to maintain long term, or face the drain/refill problems when CYA edges up there and you can't keep enough Cl in the water.

    This was good for my wife to hear, as every time I'd explain TFP method to her - she vapor-locked on the 'Laundry Bleach' facets and had a hard time getting past that (*not a chemistry major!). So, once our CYA works it's way up to about 40-50ppm, I plan to start using TFP daily bleaching and wean off the pucks.

    You're definitely right that nothing is as rewarding as seeing the sunshine sparkle on the bottom of the deep end,
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