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Thread: 8th season on my Pool Pilot SC-48 - Getting errors

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    8th season on my Pool Pilot SC-48 - Getting errors

    I have been getting a Clean / Check Cell error on my system. Up till now the thing has run FLAWLESSLY since '08 - I LOVE my pool pilot!
    +/- 20K gal in-ground. Water is always PERFECT. I admit to being a little lazy this year with checking and maintenance (23 days of measurable rain in June kept me out of the pool)
    Read the manual and did the Acid soak. There was no white scale but when I rinsed it after the acid I was amazed at the amount of black, flaky junk that came out. There is no visible 'wear' on the corners of the plates.
    It it currently running 28V @ 4.3A. The total Amp Hours is 32752 (that seems high) I run the system from 9A to 9P every day from Mid April - Mid Oct (central PA)
    I haven't checked my actual salt with the TFT kit lately but will this weekend - the display reads 2800-3000. Funny thing is that sometimes the Error light is not on for hours and then it magically starts again.
    Any suggestions? Should I just suck it up and buy a new cell?
    Love this place! Thanks for any help

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    Re: 8th season on my Pool Pilot SC-48 - Getting errors

    I just got a new Pool Pilot+ with my new pool, so I am still learning the in's and out's of it. Started with a very dirty pool because of mud left on steps when being filled. So a lot of stuff went through my filter and SWG in a short amount of time. I already getting low flow error's when pump is on low speed. I read the manual, and tried to loosen fittings so I could check and clean screen. I CAN'T budge them, they are so tight. I called PB today and told him he needed to come remedy this situation. I do like hearing your system is 8 years old, and has that many Amp hours on it, makes me feel like it will last!!
    20'x28' IG, Vinyl, (Sept 2015) 14,900 Gallon, 3'4 to 5'6 deep, SPLAPOOL 1.5 HP, 220v, 2 speed pump, Waterway Carefree 27" 400 LB Sand filter, Digital Nano plus SWG, TF-100 test kit /speed stir. Dolphin Primal x3 robotic cleaner

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    Re: 8th season on my Pool Pilot SC-48 - Getting errors

    Most likely, it's probably time for a new cell. If you're going to close soon, I would wait until next year to replace it and use liquid chlorine to get to the close. Measure the salt level to see if the box is displaying accurate salt levels. Try increasing the salt to 3400 to 3600. Try replacing the cell cord. Check to make sure that the correct cell type is selected in setup.

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    Re: 8th season on my Pool Pilot SC-48 - Getting errors

    Thanks for the replies
    I am 100% sure its set up correctly - cell is correct and voltage (120V)
    I guess I can replace the cord - why would that matter?
    What is the reason to increase salt? Do you mean set the controller to read 3400 - 3600 or actually add much more salt so it is really that PPM?
    What was the black flakes that came out after the acid wash? Should I do it a second time to be sure its all out of there?

    Is there a vendor here that sells the new cells at a discount? I see a $75 trade-in listed on my current cell - there is an 'authorized' dealer on EBay that has 48's for $350 with a $50 mail in rebate. I'd rather do business with someone here

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    Re: 8th season on my Pool Pilot SC-48 - Getting errors

    The black flakes were probably ruthenium oxide. Ruthenium oxide is the coating on the titanium blades (plates). Once it wears off, the cell does not work properly. The amps are low, which can be an indication of worn out plates. A bad cell cord will also cause low amps because the connection is not good. Increasing the salt will increase the amps, possibly above the error threshold.

    Can you do view setup and report the information?

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    Re: 8th season on my Pool Pilot SC-48 - Getting errors

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesW View Post
    Can you do view setup and report the information?
    I talked to the fine folks at Pool Pilot today - very helpful. Except no one could confirm the black flakes. Said it was 'probably' the coating. Advised me to increase salt PPM and limp through the rest of the season - I agree.
    I added 100# today - was gonna test first then add but I was out of strips (the silica pack in the bottle tricked me - it was empty but didn't feel empty)
    Will do some more 'work' on it tomorrow. After I test salt and re-calibrate the unit. Will report back to you then.

    Can you tell me why there's several people on EBay selling OEM cells for $350 but the place I bought my system from wants $800+. Quite a swing there. Pool Pilot said the cells are not fixable. Kinda scares me.
    I would much rather do business HERE but still need a reputable vendor - anyone listening??
    Thanks so much for the help!!

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