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Thread: Fire Your Pool Guy

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    Fire Your Pool Guy

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but have any of you heard of Terry? It appears to be a marketing company out in Arizona. Looks like some helpful info - but just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with FYPG? And if this topic needs to be quickly deleted - please do so.
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    Re: Fire Your Pool Guy

    haven't read it, won't waste the money on it, but I bet he's selling exactly the same info we are giving away for free!
    BBB is not some "magic method" of pool care. It's just good pool maintenance that any good pool technician worth his salt knows and that most retail stores and product manufacturers do not want you to know because it will cut into their profits.

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    Re: Fire Your Pool Guy

    Well, maybe. This guy is claiming 5 minutes per week to keep your pool sparkling. And on his blog, his recipe for dealing with calcium scale includes:

    Take muriatic acid and mix with water - 2 parts acid to 1 part water.

    ...and then says to "sponge" this onto the buildup. I don't make a habit of playing with muriatic but wouldn't it be appropriate to suggest using rubber gloves?

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    Re: Fire Your Pool Guy

    His main site is though he has a related site He has a blog here where you can get a sense for his tidbits and knowledge which seems not bad, but incomplete, though sometimes just wrong (thinking TDS and not CYA is the cause of chlorine becoming ineffective). You can read more about the man himself at and at the Dream Team Training website as well as here. His swimming pool company is Distinguished Pool Service in Glendale, Arizona.

    He claims that pool chemical costs can be no more than $11 per month which for larger pools seems a little low. Chlorinating liquid for my 16,000 gallon pool at a fairly low 1 ppm FC per day chlorine usage costs around $15 per month. Perhaps he is referring to SWG systems since their operating cost, including chemicals, is very low if you don't count cell replacement. His comment that "Lower cyaneric acid levels reduce the effectiveness and the efficiency of the chlorine." inspired me to add a comment to several of his blog articles, but such comments are moderated so we'll see if he actually posts them.

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    Re: Fire Your Pool Guy

    I had to remove myself from his mailing list.. I think I have received five emails just today!
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    Re: Fire Your Pool Guy

    I took a peek at that link and he's selling half hour telephone sessions for $49! But it's only to the first 120 something people!!!

    All I'd like to say is I like talkin to you guys for free. Even though I can't hear your voices. I mean, if I gave you my number or you gave me yours, I mean, you wouldn't charge me right? RIGHT? Friend? !!!

    I mean, because that's bull if you would!

    I'm really a sweet girl. I promise.
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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