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Thread: Algae, Algae, Algae....

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    Algae, Algae, Algae....

    My problem began when my son used the end of the pool pole with nothing attached to dig something out of the bottom of the pool. My plants around the deck began to thrive and the water level in the pool began to drop quickly. These were my first clues that I had a problem. During all of this, my pump & filter did not seem to be working properly either. I became good friends with the people who work at my local Leslie's, and short of them coming out and scrubbing the green stuff for me, they have made a valiant effort to help me get it all straightened out.

    It took a while to find the hole since there were no confessions that the pole was used. I did find and repair the leak, but it took long enough that the pool turned a very ugly dark green color. I discovered this site, and realize that after 15 years of yo-yo pooling and spending oh ma gosh amounts of money... all I really needed was this site, Pool School, and good ole Clorox Bleach!! (found three 1/2 gallon jugs of 8.25% bleach at Sam's Club for $10)

    I have begun the effort to get back on track. After spending the last month or so back washing, shocking, scrubbing, back washing, shocking, get the pic.

    Anyway, I took a water sample to my friends at Leslie's this morning, and will be ordering my own test kit. See results below. At this time, I have a cloudy haze in the water from the dead algae that I am battling and trying to scrub away ugly green stains all over the pool. Looks like I will be hanging out in SLAM mode for a while. I bought a scrubber from my friends, but it quickly broke, so I attached a scouring pad to the broken end and have been very gently scrubbing the dark green that is attached to the bottom of my pool. I live just south of Austin, TX - where there's plenty of scorching heat and humidity....need that pool to be working!! Any other suggestions??

    FC - 2
    TC - 2
    CH - 180
    CYA - 45
    TA - 110
    pH - 7.6
    Copper - 0
    Iron - 0
    Total Dissolved Liquids - 600
    Pho - 200
    Temperature - 70
    Installed in 2000 -- 18' x 34' AG vinyl lined doughboy pool, fully decked. 25,250 gallons. 7' deep end. 2015 Hayward 1.5 HP Super Pump. Hayward 200 lb Sand filter. 1 skimmer and 4 returns (with one pointing into back of steps). 1 1/2 inch plumbing, recently replaced sand, and all gaskets.

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    Re: Algae, Algae, Algae....

    Hello there Buda. I've passed by you several times. Well here's what we can advise for now:
    - Just add one gallon of bleach to your water each day until your test kit arrives. There's no way to complete the SLAM accurately without the TF-100 or Taylor K-2006.
    - All the other readings, especially CYA, are not very credible until you get that kit, so don't try to get carried away right now.
    Good thing is you now know what you need to do. Once your kit arrives, let us know and post a full set of results (FC, CC. CYA, pH, TA) We're not real concerned with hardness (CH) right now for your vinyl pool.
    Welcome to TFP! We're happy you found us.

    - - - Updated - - -

    You did a great job updating your signature.
    Pat (a.k.a. Texas Splash) ~ My Pool: Viking Fiberglass; 17,888 Gal; Waterway Supreme 2-sp/2-hp pump; Hayward Ctg filter; TF-100 w/ Speed Stir
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    Re: Algae, Algae, Algae....

    I so hear you about the cost of using the pool store! AND they tend to be wrong way more than they are right! OUCH!

    Has person using the pole learned their lesson? It is not all bad though since you found TFP because of it!!!

    TFP Moderator 33x52 round AG 25,600 gals Sand Filter 1.5hp Pump - 2 Speed, SLAM, Pool School, Recommended Levels, Recommended Chemicals, Pool Math, Chlorine/CYA Chart, TF-100 Test Kit

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