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Thread: How long to run my pump and polaris?

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    How long to run my pump and polaris?

    I'm really enjoying my learning experience here on TFP.

    So, here's my next question:
    How long should I be running my pump/filter?
    And how long should I be running my polaris?

    Right now, while it's dirty.. and i'm doing a chlorine-shock.. should I keep it running nonstop?
    But then when it's clean.. just run it twice a week?

    I have no idea what is even reasonable!!!
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    Re: How long to run my pump and polaris?

    Did your builder recommend a pump run time? You'll get lots of different recommendations on that....depends on your location, weather conditions and temp, and your electric bill

    Some people will do 8-12 hours in a day, perhaps all at once perhaps divided into 2 schedules.

    I have a 2 speed pump that I run on low 24/7.

    When shocking/clearing a pool, it's best to run your filter 24/7. I'm assuming you mean your Polaris-24/7? I guess that's up to you.... I have a friend who leaves their robotic cleaner on all the time because they have a lot of trees and dust from a nearby farmfield. You could start with 2 days a week and see if that's enough....You have to decide if you can live with the occasional crud or if you want the pool to look perfect 24/7 LOL.....
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    Re: How long to run my pump and polaris?

    In cooler months I run my pump for about 4 hours in the morning and then about 1.5 hours in the evening, every day. Last summer, when temps were getting into the 100's, I ran the pump around 8 hours per day (again, split between morning and evening), but I have a monster 2.5HP Challenger High Head pump that moves a lot of water. This summer I may try to cut back somewhat, to see if I can run it less and still keep the pool clear.

    The Polaris pump I only run during the morning for about 2 hours. If a lot of leaves have blown in during the day then I'll kick it on for an extra hour in the evening. Since I have a mechanical timer, it runs every day.
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    Re: How long to run my pump and polaris?

    I run 10-12 a day.. and the polaris as needed.. maybe 2 hours every couple of days.
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