The nights are cooling off in Tucson and my pool has fallen to 86 degrees, which is unacceptable to us true desert rats. I started the heat pump this morning for the first time ever. It came on alright, and let me set the thermostat to 91 just fine. It says the water temp is 90, which is what I actually want, but the in pool thermometer says it is 86, and that feels closer to the truth. So once I set it to 91 it kicked on for a few seconds but turned off and is showing the error code LPS. According to the manual that's compressor low pressure, and means either the coil is dirty, the fan motor is not running (it ran, so that's out), low refrigerant pressure, defective low-pressure switch, or low ambient air temp (that's out).

So I left a message for the PB but while I was studying the manual I discovered that

1) there's a warranty registration form I was supposed to send in within 60 days of installation (didn't even get the book from PB til long after that)

2) there's no diagram that shows you where the evaporator coil is

3) there's no diagram showing you where to find the model number

Annoying -- anyone have experience with this LPS code?