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Thread: Need some advice on building a new pool

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    Need some advice on building a new pool

    Hi everybody,

    I live in Holland (not a place to build an outdoor pool)!
    But am building a house with an outdoor ( swimming pool in (south) India where the temperature on average is above 30 degrees Centigrade during the day.

    Pool dimensions: 12m x 6m.

    Not many people who have experience in building and maintaining pools in that part of the world.
    So I prefer to buy a proven product/solution.

    I did some research.
    The company Desjoyaux has a local dealer - and can build it for me.

    Has anyone in the forum experience with Desjoyaux pools?
    How does their price compare to other alternatives?

    Any other alternatives you may suggest?

    Sandy David
    Stephensonstraat 86
    The Hague, Netherlands

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    Re: Need some advice on building a new pool

    It appears that Desjoyaux uses a buried in ground filtration system instead of traditional plumbing, with filters, pumps, etc. This is not something I would consider in such a location because you are then depending on a single company to provide future support as the equipment is not compatible with standard pool equipment.

    Having said that we have a number of members that have built, or are building pools in other off the beaten path locations, a recent one that comes to mind is this one Nigeria, we've (almost) got pool!!!!!!

    From this thread and several others, I can tell you If I were trying to build a pool in an exotic locations where labor rates are often low, but skill level and available pool specific parts were also in limited supply and must be custom imported, I would strongly consider going with a concrete and plaster pool, use an SWG for Chlorination, and probably import a good quality pool light, pump and cartridge filter, as graded sand for sand filters is often non existent in these places, and I can't imagine Pool DE for a DE filter would be any easier to find. Then rely on local materials as much as possible for the structure of the pool itself, plumbing, etc.
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    Re: Need some advice on building a new pool

    I have a Desjoyaux pool in southern Laos which has similar temperatures. Over all I have been quite pleased with it. It is also a public swimming pool and gets heavy use and so far it has been holding up well. The installation was very simple and they give quite an extensive warranty that is backed world wide. In most cases they can build an average pool in a week or less. I chose them because of my uncertainty with local builders here. The advantage to them is they can do it very quickly and the vinyl liner is simple to install. No cracking tiles or grout to worry about.

    There is no under ground plumbing of any kind with the Desjoyaux system and very little to go wrong. The customer service I have received has been very good from them. One example is that one of my pumps do fail and they covered it under warranty. Although I live more than 800 kilometers from their service center I was able to send the pump by over night bus and they sent a new one down as soon as they received the broken one.

    My pool is large and has 3 pumps so I was able to run without it being a problem for the two days it took to replace it. Desjoyaux should have a stock of spare pumps as they are all the same type so importing them should not be a problem. In my case I chose this company precisely because I live in a very remote location because I would not trust another company to help me out if something went wrong.

    There is no underground filtration system of any kind or any buried plumbing. The only thing that is buried to my is the power cables run through the concrete in my terrace to the pumps that anchored on the side. About the only thing that could go wrong in any significant way is pump failure, which as I said they took care of. The other thing could be a problem with the liner which is also very easy to fix compared to tile. There really are no parts to break other than those. The lights are also contained in the pump closures on the side. There are no overflow pipes or grates or drains or holes of any kind.

    Make sure to buy two filter bags for each pump so you can swap them out easily and get them to give you one mega filter for each pump for if your water does go funky for any reason. The mega filter is simply a larger filter bag you hook to the spout that shoots the water into the pool. The regular filters go in the pump cases under the chlorine baskets If I see any signs of the water going murky or green I put the mega filters on at night.

    I knew nothing about pools before building this one and have been able to maintain it with very few issues. In my case as it is a public pool I just change the filter bags every morning and vacuum it, add chlorine pucks every 3 days. I think if it is a home pool and smaller you clean the filters and vacuum once a week.

    I haven't regretted my choice yet although the pool is only one and a half years old. Sorry for the lengthy post but there isn't much information about Desjoyaux on this forum and none of it from people that own one in the tropics.

    Good luck whatever you choose.

    I will add my pool specs to my signature later. I just signed up a few minutes ago and started browsing.

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