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Thread: sand filter trouble - HELP !!!

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    sand filter trouble - HELP !!!

    sorry for repeating myself, i posted this in the "above ground pools" forum, but wasn't getting any advice so i moved it over here. sorry if i'm a little impatient, i'm just in a bit of a panic 'cuz this pool season is starting off pretty bad. i went to check my sand filter as i discussed in the forum i mentioned earlier, and now i think i'm screwed. i went to remove the "head assembly" from my filter to check the sand and found it hard to remove. i thought it was just stuck a little, so i pulled a little harder and finally got it off, but then i discovered why it was so hard to remove it. the pipe going down to the laterals is STUCK in the head assembly (don't know if "head assembly" is the proper term or not, but you get my drift,right?). while i was unknowingly pulling the laterals up through the sand, i broke one, which is no problem i suppose, as i can get a replacement, but what can i do to get the pipe going to the latereals un-stuck, so i can replace the sand and start over? why would it be stuck in the first place? am i just totally screwed here? has this happened to anyone else? this pool is already driving me crazy and i haven't even really STARTED yet. ARRRRRGH !!!
    30' round above ground - 21000 gal. (shade ONLY in the evening),
    pentair dynamo 1.5 hp pump,
    pentair sand dollar 150 lb.sand filter,
    bbb method.

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    Re: sand filter trouble - HELP !!!


    I know the feeling all too well. Valves will occasionally stick to stand pipes, especially as the weather gets warmer. There's nothing mechanically holding in place. Have you already got the plumbing disconnected? Some light, gentle twisting back and forth while pulling up on the valve should do the trick. Eventually the valve will give. Just be patient with it. If you absolutely have to, you can give it a few light taps with a rubber mallet (again, while pulling up on the valve). You'll probably have better luck early in the morning when it's as cool as it will get.


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