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Thread: Need help to identify filter, plus advice

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    Need help to identify filter, plus advice

    New to forum. My sister complained that her pool has been unusually cloudy recently. She moved into the home after my father died three years ago. I brought my Aquanaut 400 and noticed that the return jets are spewing dirt back into the pool within minutes. Essentially it's brief relocation, not cleaning. I couldn't even see the Aquanuat at the bottle of the pool within 20 minutes. I checked her levels, which were not wildly out of line. I vacuumed to waste, which fixed the situation temporarily, but the problem persists.

    I found my father's paperwork in a file cabinet. It looks like everything related to the pool was replaced new in 2004. I doubt anything has been done since then, like changing or cleaning the sand. I unscrewed the top of the multiport valve but could not access the tank itself. The PVC pipes are 1.5 inch without unions. I could only break the seal to the filter tank perhaps 1/4 inch. Now I'm stuck. I can't push the bottom of the valve back into the tank. It won't budge, even when I put all my weight onto it. The rigid PVC pipes don't allow any wiggle room. Water gushes out the top of the tank when I replace everything, including the brackets.

    I can't identify the specific filter. That info wasn't included in the paperwork I located. The sticker has all but worn away. The pump is Sta-Rite with Dyna-Glas. I took the top of the multiport valve -- along with pictures of the filter -- to the local pool store but they were stumped regarding the model.

    I'm confident that somebody here can help me. I think it might be a Tagelus or Sand Dollar model, or something related to that family. The surviving section of the sticker included a partial phone number: 1-919-774....

    Googling that info led me to Tagelus, perhaps a Tagelus Deluxe. I think it might be a Pentair 262506 valve, based on some investigation today. Underneath the top section of the multiport valve is the part number 27-2527.

    * If dirt is returning to the pool almost immediately, is that likely a fault with the spider gasket, dirty sand, broken lateral(s), or something else? Perhaps a combination. When I took off the top of the multiport valve I was surprised that the spider gasket on this model is attached to the bottom of that piece, and not glued onto the lower section.

    * If I decide to replace the sand, how much sand would be required with this model?

    * I would like to cut the two PVC pipes leading to the pump with a small hack saw and install unions. Is that more problematic than it looks? The sections are parallel to the ground, as evidenced in the photo below. If this problem, or similar, shows up again I'd like to be able to remove the valve easily to access the filter.

    Sorry for the long post. I wanted to provide full detail. Here are pictures. Does that gasket look okay? It's messy with lots of small particles clinging to it but I don't seen any obvious fractures.
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    Re: Need help to identify filter, plus advice

    Can't see your pictures but it's not unusual for some jive guys to plumb the filter in without unions.

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    Re: Need help to identify filter, plus advice

    That appears to be a Tagelus filter. TO determine the exact model, use the specs on page 8 of the following owners manual.

    To provide some direction to your questions, if the sand is from 2004 then starting with a sand replacement is strongly advised. The gasket on the lid assembly of the multiport valve looks a bit worn- i would also suggest replacing that.

    Start there and let us know how things progress. Keep in mind that, after replacing the sand, you need to thoroughly backwash and then rinse the filter before putting the valve in filter mode. The new sand has tons of dust on it that will cloud up your pool right away if this step is missed. Also, make sure to use #20 silica sand meant for filters. Play sand from the big box stores turns to mud after a couple years of use.

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