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Thread: Don't want chlorine? ... get Permasalt

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    Don't want chlorine? ... get Permasalt

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    Install a Permasalt system. I live in South Texas and have had my Permasalt system for three years now and love it. Always clear. Grand kids are always in it with friends. I have nothing to due with selling or representing the company's that sell this system. I just know it works great.

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    Re: Don't want chlorine? ... get Permasalt

    Interesting, not.
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    Thumbs up Re: Don't want chlorine? ... get Permasalt

    Hmmmm....not sure this is even worth responding to but here's a few points to remember -

    PermaSalt system does use chlorine! Part of the the chemicals that "prep" the water for the ionization system include dichlor which is a stabilized chlorine product. And the maintenance program uses regular chlorine additions as part of the maintenance process. If the system did not use chlorine, then why would their website's main page include references to cyanuric acid (CYA)? There's no reason to put CYA in water UNLESS you are using chlorine. Heck, even the main page says that the system uses chlorine (because it would be a violation of Federal law for them to advertise a water sanitization method that is not EPA approved).

    Also, their website is full of lies or, at best, half-truths. For example (Emphasis added)-

    Preparate: Preparate is the initial treatment used to prepare the water for the Perma Salt System. Preparate is a Sodium based Salt that is enhanced with not only Borates, but also metal removers and cyanuric acid. The Sodium Salts provide a medium through which the Perma Salt minerals may disperse. The metal removers eliminate counter-productive metals found in the normal water supply. By eliminating these interfering metals, the natural minerals produced by the Perma Salt Chamber will be more effective. The cyanuric acid, which works in conjunction with Activate, prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight. Borates remove Carbon Dioxide from the water. All plant based life, such as algae, requires Carbon Dioxide to live and by removing it, algae cannot grow while the natural minerals are built up to the desired levels. By adding Preparate at the beginning of every season we are able to keep all of the other chemical levels to a minimum, thus simplifying a very effective process.
    That underlined statement is 100% false. Borates do not scavenge CO2 from the water at all. Borates do act as a mild algaecide by interfering with the internal cellular biochemistry of algae, but not because of CO2 reduction.

    So, if they have to print an obvious falsehood about their product, isn't that a reason to perhaps distrust other claims they make?

    The fact of the matter is, mineral systems have been debunked in numerous TFP threads. You can certainly operate a "mineral" pool that uses low chlorine levels and Cu and Ag ions but you will do so at a much greater cost and much higher risk if disease transmission than simply using the appropriate levels of chlorine. 99% of the objections that people have to chlorine are not really caused by chlorine itself, but by improperly managed pool water chemistry. Stinging eyes, dry skin, green hair, faded swimsuits, "that nasty chlorine smell!!", etc, etc, etc are all caused by improper pool care and not chlorine.
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    Re: Don't want chlorine? ... get Permasalt

    This is how we maintain pools at TFP. Read up on it! It is awesome!

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    Re: Don't want chlorine? ... get Permasalt

    To follow up on what JoyfulNoise mentioned, it is true that mineral systems can help control the algae that you can see, however they do very little to control the bacteria and viruses that you can't see and that may be breeding in your pool water. By contrast Chlorine at the correct level effectively kills Algae as well as bacteria and most viruses in a timely manner. So don't confuse clear algae free water with safe water.
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    Re: Don't want chlorine? ... get Permasalt

    Their website says it's a low salt system that "does not convert salt into chlorine!" They use copper and silver ions and we know that copper is a decent algaecide, but that both of these metals can stain, especially plaster surfaces, and can turn blond hair greenish. As shown in one of the slides for the product on this page, Preparate contains Dichlor as well as Oxone (non-chlorine shock, MPS), Borates, Metal removers (mostly for iron, one presumes), minerals (probably copper and silver), and enzymes. You "shock" the pool every other week with Activate which is Dichlor and Oxone. Klairate is an enzyme clarifier.

    See the older thread Talked into buying the Perma Salt system. It has a few people happy with the system (though some were new users that could have been shills). As I noted, at least the system has both copper and silver so will kill fecal bacteria, albeit slowly. See this post for relative kill times for chlorine vs. copper and silver.

    So the system is of higher risk than chlorine alone but of less risk than some other alternatives such as copper-only (e.g. Pristine Blue).
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