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Thread: Hayward Pump PSI running too high

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    Hayward Pump PSI running too high

    We have had a Hayward pump for about 2 1/2 years. The pressure runs between 14 - 16 psi sometimes up to 18. This year it has been a steady 18 and in the last few weeks creeps up to 20. We have backwashed repeatedly, used backwash cleaner. The water is crystal clear. We keep cleaning out the skimmers and backwashing. Today the pressure was at 20 PSI and I did not notice any debris in the skimmer or pump tub. I have not noticed any signs of leaks. Everything seems to be normal. This is an above ground, oval pool, 4ft. deep. Water level is good.
    Above ground oval

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    Re: Hayward Pump PSI running too high

    Check your pressure gauge. Make sure there is no debris clogging it up.

    And the pressure gauges we typically get with our filters border on the cheap side and they, too, fail over time. is a very nice gauge. I have one.
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    Re: Hayward Pump PSI running too high

    What kind of filter? Sand or DE? If sand, how long has it been since the sand was replaced? Over time, on a microscopic level, the sand looses it grittiness from erosion and from "dirt" plugging up the tiny voids. Backwashing only removes the larger stuff. If its a DE filter, whens the last time the grids were taken out and cleaned/degreased?

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    Re: Hayward Pump PSI running too high

    Actually if it's a sand Filter it may just need to be deep cleaned as shown in this link- Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter.

    BUT, I'll vote with Agent99 as it sounds like it could be a Gauge which costs very little and is quick/easy to replace.

    I have the Glycerine filled Gauge TFKits sells and it's so much better the the standard small cheap ones
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    Re: Hayward Pump PSI running too high

    I had similar issues with my sand filter...not up to 20psi but it would run about 18psi. I would agree with Agent99 and start with a new gauge before anything else. I wouldn't waste money on a pool shop one...the no-name brand I bought there was the same price as the manufacturer brand online at Amazon. Read this excellent post about how to wrap the tape when you screw in the gauge if you don't know already. My contractor told me those gauges weren't worth much anyway and I've gotta replace mine every year. This year there was a dead spider at the bottom and it made it read artificially high until it decomposed I guess. haha Teflon Tape and You
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