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Thread: Gas heater for saltwater pools? And size heater needed?

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    Gas heater for saltwater pools? And size heater needed?

    What type of heater should we be looking for with a saltwater pool?

    What size should we be looking for? About 15,000g AG in Michigan.

    I found a possibly 1yr old used Jandy Lite2 for $500. Not sure on the size yet the lady is going to get back with me when she finds out. From a quick google search these Lite2 use a copper heat exchanger.

    Any advice would be appreciated. tnx.
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    Gas heater for saltwater pools? And size heater needed?

    The best material for a heat exchanger is titanium but you'll either pay through the nose for it or it will be hard to find. Second best is a cupro-nickel alloy. Copper is your basic standard heat exchanger.

    As for size, it depends a lot on your water temperature and what you're trying to achieve. I have a 400,000 BTU/hr heater for my 650 gallon attached spa which works great but I rarely use it for the 16k gal pool since I don't use a pool cover. If you're going to heat your pool when it gets cold, then you're definitely going to need a good bubble cover to retain the heat or else evaporative heat losses will dominate.

    Are the walls of your AGP insulated?

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    Re: Gas heater for saltwater pools? And size heater needed?

    At a minimum, you would need a 300,000 BTU heater to achieve a 2 deg temp rise per hour. This would be on warm, sunny days. Cool cloudy days where the air is cooler than the water your performance will drop off considerably. Salt is the least of your worries for heat exchangers, the total water chemistry (Ph, TA, etc ) will have a bigger impact on the life.
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    Re: Gas heater for saltwater pools? And size heater needed?

    You do not need to have a cupro nickle heat exchanger on a salt pool. It is not the salt that will destroy it. Every day non cupro nickle gas heaters are installed on salt chlorinated pools and there is no ill effect to the copper heat exchanger. As long as you keep your pool water balanced and don't let it get too acidic, PH, you will be fine.

    I would not buy that Jandy Lite 2 heater.
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