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Thread: Do I need to close and cover my pool?

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    Do I need to close and cover my pool?

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    I am new here and wondering almost same thing, kids left gate open, dogs went in, over solar cover(5 total great danes) so tried to patch most holes, but sand underneath still soggy in places I did not patch or find holes. it has maybe 3 ft water in it, on a 52 inch pool, and probly 4 or 5 in deep end, and still leaking? dunno it is so far below basket, and too dirty now to find anymore due to a cold spell. The liner was new this year, and since 10 paws with nails that had just been trimmed can cause boo coo holes, cause they thought they were walking on a hard surface I guess & went nuts, I had to get them out at 9am on a cold day. no clue now what to do, was going to fill it back up run filter, and then see if could find the others & patch em. but it takes 2 one to hold me under water to patch, and seems no one wants to help fix the damage, only use the pool.................... now I can't, and since it was put up for therapy, not too happy. It is a 52 deep with 6.5 deep end, and 15X30 oval. used, hence the new liner with deep end, and a huge deck just put around it all for naught it seems. IF we replace liner next year, does it have to be covered? hate to waste a new cover protecting a liner needing replaced? or just remove pump winterize it etc.......... and lock the dogs out! or they'll be fallin in the ice


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    Re: Do I need to close and cover my pool?

    Hi Sue and welcome to TFP. Well, you've had a rough season huh? I have 6 dogs, so I can relate, although mine is fiberglass so they can't puncture anything. Well, you have a couple big issues going on - repairing the numerous holes, and winterizing your pool. If all you have are the small toe nail holes from the dogs, and no major tears or structural issues, then you can repair the holes. Many local or on-line stores sell the vinyl repair kits. If you can at least stop the leaks now before they get any worse that may be good because you don't want that water to cause too much damage to the underlayment or foundation of the pool itself. Even if you need to call someone to snorkel around and fix the holes, I would do it before your cool fall temps kick-in.
    As for the pool cover, no it does not have to be covered. Some people do like that option to help keep leaves and debris out of the water to make spring cleaing easier, but it's no mandatory. When it comes time to winterize your pool, you'll want to look at these links and use whichever one applies:
    Pool School - Closing (Winterizing) Your Above Ground Pool
    Pool School - Closing an In Ground Pool
    I hope this helps give you some direction ahead. If you need more specific answers, please let us know.
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