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Thread: Circulation pump noise

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    Circulation pump noise

    I posted this over in the spa forum, but I see now, that this forum might be the proper spot for this.

    I just filled up my (new to me) used Jacuzzi j-315 yesterday, running into a little bit of issues, wondering if anyone has some insight.

    Yesterday filled it up with water, turned on the power, and I was getting a FL1 code (which is a flow switch open, error). so therefor the heater would kick off immediately after coming on. Thought it was possibly an air lock, so tried blowing more water through the lines with a hose, it did nothing. So I did some testing on the flow switch itself, meter across it and I get no continuity. (there's my problem I'm guessing) so I pull the connectors off the flow switch, jump them together, and there goes away my error and the heater now stays on.

    circulating pump sounded normal (to me anyways) last night, water heated up fine. but I noticed this morning the pump was a little more noisy than it was yesterday.
    I can feel movement in the water coming from the circulating pump vent in the bottom of the tub. (although it doesn't feel strong, but nor did it last night. also when filling the tub I noticed there was some gunk buildup in that line, as after about 5 minutes it shot out some slime and a bit of antifreeze that was in it, but I'm worried there might be more buildup?)

    So I guess my questions are as follows:

    Is this noise normal for my circulating pump? or does it sound like its being water starved? its not hot to the touch, just slightly warm.

    How would I clean out all that gunk from the lines to make sure there's no more buildup?

    If I order a new flow switch, does the tub have to be drained to replace it? I never noticed any shut off valves on any of the lines.

    thank you.

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    Re: Circulation pump noise

    Sounds like something obstructing inside your pipes. When I shut the main drain and the second skimmer to vacuum the pool, my pump sounds more noisy like it is struggling, but since it is always the case, I assume it is normal pump operation when there is less water flow.

    It is strange that you don't have any shut off valves, but on the other hand it doesn't take that much time to drain and refill a hot tub.
    Kyle. I manage a residential complex and taking care of the swimming pool is one of my duties. It is an indoor, 36 000 gallons (140 000 liters), Marbelite, heated pool, with sand filter, and Jacuzzi 1.5 HP pump. Normally I aim to keep the following chemical composure in the pool: FC = 1.5 - 2.5; PH = 7.4 - 7.6; TA = 80 - 90; CH = 200 - 300; Saturation Index = 0.0 - +0.2 Testing Kit: Taylor K-2006

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    Re: Circulation pump noise

    Those little heat pumps are kinda finicky I think that clearing out those hoses and taking apart the pump and checking the impellor is in order. Normally, that type of circulation pump is really quiet. Also, your flow switch should come apart so you can inspect the paddle to check its condition.

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