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Update on mine. Early in the season before I cleaned the filters by soaking in dishwasher soap overnight, it would not climb consistently. For most of this summer it has climbed very consistently. Now I have the opposite problem. It climbs too far out of the water about 50% of the time and sucks air, flops around then drops in the pool and keeps going. Either I have to wait for the filters to get partially clogged up again or I need to find the right restrictor plate for beneath the top venturi opening. doesn't carry them I believe I've found the right one on Amazon but haven't pulled the trigger on ordering yet...
I replaced a couple of parts on mine (rollers, roller covers, side panels and handle). Now one end of mine floats - it often rides a wheelie going one direction, and sometimes almost flips over when climbing the side). It also climbs so far out that it sucks air. I have adjusted the handles from straight to crooked in one direction to crooked in the other.

How can I fix this?