Hoping someone can help. Recently have been doing maintenance on the multiport valve changing leaky seals.TA60D.jpg
I started with a leaking seal between the assembly and the tank. Swapped it and leak was gone. Next the spider gasket had failed and water was constantly seen in the sight glass even during filter setting. Removed the valve top and changed the diverter with spider gasket and the o-ring on the shaft of the diverter. Reassembled and was good for a couple weeks. Then a leak between the valve top and valve body. Removed the 6 hold down screws and nuts and inspected the large oring and valve top. Noticed a hairline crack in the top so ordered a new oem top and oring. Bolt it all together and it still leaks like crazy. I also noticed a few things that may be the causes. When I try to bolt the valve top to the valve body the handle gets limp. When the top is off the handle has tension the whole time. When installed it has a loose feeling but still engages fine. I think that the tube in the center of the diverter is supposed to slide over the tube in the center of the valve body. It feels like its not fully sliding over it and is causing the spring to compress making the handle have play and not allowing the seal to be clamped down properly. Any thoughts, suggestions or advice?

Thanks !