Here is how I put away and store my 24' x 54" Intex steel frame pool. You need 1 or 2 sunny, dry breezy days. NEVER pool a pool liner away wet!!! This is my 7th year and 2nd Intex pool -- 13', then 24' pools.

Use the filter pump to pump out water down to the pump intake level, then siphon out the rest overnight with 2-3-4 garden hoses, the more the quicker. Open the bottom drains if you can get the caps off.

Remove hoses to the filter pump. When there is 1-2" of water left in the pool, get in and brush or mop the walls and floor to get any "grunge" off. Make sure the tools you use are not sharp!!! Open the bottom drains to get more water out.

Remove every other vertical support leg, then remove all the legs and steel frame parts, dropping the sides all we way down. Get as much water out of the pool as possible. My quick calculation is 1" of water in the 24' pool is about a ton. Make sure the metal T leg parts don't pinch or cut the liner when it goes down! Pull all the steel parts out of the pool rim.

Pull the pool upside down, thus emptying all the water out. Use a garden hose with jet nozzle to wash the outside, then the inside of the pool to remove all debris.

Dry the pool liner by flipping it over about every half hour. The liner will get lighter and dryer as the day goes on.

By mid-afternoon, it should be dry and ready to fold. I store mine on a 4'x6' skid that I lift off the ground for winter storage in the barn. Make sure you keep mice OUT, they will chew and ruin a pool liner for sure! It's a might big and heavy thing to try to put in a container.

I have never used talc or any kind of drying powder, just a few hours in the hot sun being flipped over and over gets the liner dry. Don't let evening dew get the liner wet, put it away before dusk!

Wash and count all the pool rim-leg support pieces. Rinse them of any debris or salt before storage!! Store all the steel parts in a covered location.

Drain the sand filter, remove and clean the salt-chlorine generator parts. Store the pump and all its parts inside for the winter. Replace the cap on the sand filter drain. I put 1.5 gallons of RV system anti-freeze in the sand filter, cover it and leave it outside all winter. I cut a thin plastic 8" disc to cover the sand filter top and to keep rain-snow out for the winter.

This has worked for me, it's a pretty good day's work for 1 or 2 days, but then everything is stored clean, dry and will be ready to use next summer. Make sure you count all the plastic feet, pins, gaskets, etc., so you will have everything for the next setup. I use 5/16" galvanized bolts rather than the plastic pins around the top rim and T-leg parts.