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Thread: High Salt Levels after SLAMing due to algae

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    Angry High Salt Levels after SLAMing due to algae

    I am in the process of SLAMing my pool. I used tri-chlor to begin with because it was all that I had on hand. Today I went to Costco and picked up 6 - 3 pk boxes of Clorox Ultra (8.25%) Bleach to use instead. After adding 12 of the 18 bottles, my "high salt" level light started blinking on my SWG. The only other thing I added was Ultra Bright. Any ideas? The pool is making progress. It was never green, just cloudy enough that I couldn't see the bottom. Now it is mostly clear with just random patches of cloudiness.

    Will I need to partially drain? I backwashed quite a bit today - long enough to get the CYA back down to 90, so I do not want to drain anymore if I do not have to. Should I turn my SWG off since I am shocking?
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    Re: High Salt Levels after SLAMing due to algae

    Normally, you should just turn the SWG off when SLAMing the pool. Your SWG won't be doing much compared to the liquid chlorine you're adding. Even if you added all those jugs, the bleach itself would only raise the salt in your pool volume by 70 ppm. You can see this by filling in your volume on the Pool Math page and then at the bottom use the "Effects of adding chemicals" section.

    Turn off the SWG. Complete your SLAM, then once FC levels drop to near maintenance levels, fire up your SWG again and see how it goes.
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    Re: High Salt Levels after SLAMing due to algae

    Perhaps you were right on the verge of having your "high salt" warning light come on anyway.... in other words, you may have already had high salt levels, just not quite high enough to set off the warning on your SWG...

    Did you test your salt level to get an actual value/ppm?

    BTW, all forms of chlorine add salt as a by-product when they break down in the water-- including di-chlor. So it not just the bleach that added some salt.

    But as JVT noted, the amount of NaCl added was minimal compared to what is required for your SWG to function.

    Another thought:
    Is it possible that your cell is malfunctioning? The fact that you have algae at all could point to your SWG having a problem keeping up with the needs of your pool. If your cell is having problems then the light may have been an error.

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