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Thread: Recently purchased a used AGP

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    Recently purchased a used AGP

    Hi there! First post. This forum is unbelievable... a great wealth of information.

    Here's a little history and lead up to my questions...

    I've had a 24' round AGP for the last ten years. It wasn't a top of the line pool, but it served it's purpose. Three years ago, I did a restoration of the pool wall. This involved some patch work and painting, as well as the painting of the metal support pieces which were badly rusted. Probably too far gone even at that time. That got me through the last few years, however, this summer will be this pool's last. The metal parts look too beat up and unsafe to probably make it through the coming winter. My kids are older and don't use the pool as often as they did in the past. My Wife and I decided we still would like to have a pool, maybe something a little smaller, but I wasn't interested in purchasing anything too expensive. I took to the local classified ads and found someone selling a five year old 21' round AGP. It's a Summerfield 52". It didn't include the pump or filter, but my current pump and filter is in great shape. He was selling because the pool wall was damaged (buckled at skimmer section) during the winter and his insurance replaced his pool. I negotiated his price down to $125. I thought that was a great price, plus that's Canadian currency lol. The damage to the wall isn't that bad actually. In fact I would say my current pool's wall is worse. It has some minor rust around the skimmer hole as well. My plan is to use a good section of my current pool wall (assuming I can find one) and rivet a piece that covers that entire buckled section. I will then cut new holes for the skimmer and return in a new section of the wall.

    Q. Is this the best approach to repair the damaged wall?

    As for the pool supports, they're all metal, except for the top rail covers. All pieces are in excellent condition with no rust. Some pieces do have some chips in them, but nothing needs to be replaced. I suppose I could just fix the wall and setup the pool in its current condition, however, I would like to protect these metal pieces from future rust and see if I can make this pool last even longer than my previous pool.

    Q. What do people recommend in terms of rust proofing the metal support pieces. Is this necessary? Will I actually get more life out of the pool by doing this? I am assuming yes, but maybe not.

    I was thinking I would use some type of undercoating solution for the bottom track as it's the piece that sits on the ground and more apt to be affected by the elements (eastern Canada). For the remaining metal pieces I was thinking of painting them with marine paint.

    Q. Would an undercoating solution also be ideal for the inner wall or just paint? or maybe nothing as it won't make a difference.

    The pool came with the liner, and it's in pretty good shape. There is a small tear near the skimmer cutout, but was told there were no patches applied to it during its previous setup. I've read that trying to install a previously used liner is not recommended.

    Q. Is it even worth trying to use the liner? It's an overhang and it wasted cut to trim the over hanging material so I do have that extra six to ten inches of overhang to work with.

    Anyone out there have a similar experience or have restored their current AGP? I'll take any information I can get.


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    Re: Recently purchased a used AGP

    Undercoat may be going to far. I would just sand off the rust, prime, and spray with a good quality paint.

    And rivets or bolts you use should have smooth round heads, and you should tape over them as well, to protest the liner.

    Liners stretch when installed, and then once you put chlorinated water in them, get brittle. When you go to reuse that liner, instead of stretching, it will tear.

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