Hello fellow TFP members.

I'm really stuck and could use some solid advice....

I'm a new pool owner and new to the forum. We bought our first house last year with a older pool and equipment. Its a 25 year old 38K gallon 18x38. we have a 1hp Hayward Superpump, AquaRite T-15 SWG and now a new heater (Raypak BR-268A) and timer (intermit P1353ME)

The old Jady LaaRs Lite2 heater died last year and I bought a new Raypak gas heater and timer.

I've installed the gas and plumbing but no luck with the electrical. The pool house has 240V power for 3 GFI's, 3 light fixtures plus the pump and SWG. There is a light switch that powers off the pump. Also there is only 1 circuit breaker to the pool house (30V on double switch)

I've had 4 electricians over to install the heater and timer. They all were unsure how to wire the heater (which has a fireman switch) to the timer along with the pump and SWG and didn't want to do the work.

I want the power to feed into the P1353 and then wire the pump, Aquarite SWG and the heater. Also the heater has a fireman switch that I want to hookup (to cut off the heater 20 min before the timer powers off the pump)

I bought this heater in June and have been waiting over 2 months to get it hooked up.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how this should be wired properly? Are there different options?

Randy (newbie)