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Thread: Need advice on pool specs and quote please

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    Need advice on pool specs and quote please


    I'm new to posting in this forum and need some advice on a proposal we just received:

    15 x 28 rectangle inground pool
    7 x 6 spa rectangle spa (flushed with pool)
    Shotcrete/4000 PSI
    Pentair Intellichlor
    Pentair Clean & Clear Plus ccp320
    Pentair IntelliFlor Variable Speed Pump
    Pentair MasterTemp 400k BTU
    1 skimmer, 3 returns
    4 drains (2 main, 2 spa)
    2 LED lights (1 main, 1 spa)
    6 spa jets
    Starting chemicals
    Starting Equip (skimmer, pole, etc)
    Pentair SandShark
    Fees for permits and inspector included
    Electrical/Gas hookups included
    Electrical Panel upgrade NOT included (which we need)
    System is manual, not automatic

    Price: $40,000

    Any help or advice is much appreciated. Also, we're located in Los Angeles county. Thanks.

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    Re: Need advice on pool specs and quote please

    Welcome! Regarding what I would advise on a upgrade if you have the money - Color changing LED lights would be first on my list. Next would be some sort of automation for your spa valves as every time you'll want to run your spa you'll have to turn the input and output valves on your equipment pad to run the spa then turn vales back the other direction for normal pool operation. With Jandy they had the Z4 automation system which is a cheaper than the full blown RS automation system that still allowed me to automate this spa process. Perhaps Pentair also has automation system that is more economical to allow you to automate like this I'm sure some of the other members can help you with that information.

    An oh yeah, if your going to take care of the chemicals yourself invest in a good test kit. TF-100 or Taylor 2006.
    15'x35' IG 16,500 gallons w/attached raised 18" spa continuous coping w/underneath spill and ledger stone wrapped, NPT mini pebble aqua blue w/2x pigment & abalone shell finish, 2"x24" travertine coping, 3x Jandy Color LED lights (2 in pool), Jandy Flo Pro 2HP VS pump, Jandy LXI (low NOx) 400K BTU heater, Jandy CL460 cartridge filter, Jandy AquaPure Ei SWG, Jandy Z4 automation with iAqualink and remote poolside PDA, 1,300 sqft Belgard Catalina paver deck with drainage, fire pit that matches the spa with travertine coping and wrapped in ledger stone, Elitewood insulated patio cover, Vinyl gates, back vinyl fence coming soon...

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    Re: Need advice on pool specs and quote please

    My PB quoted an additional $2000 for automatic. I really want it, but my husband doesn't want to pay for it since he thinks it's not that big of a deal to work the outside levers. Can anyone with manual comment on their experiences and/or regrets??

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    Re: Need advice on pool specs and quote please

    Consider that my pool remodel including new heater and new pump (same as yours) and new LED lights cost 25k, that actually doesn't sound bad at all for an entirely brand new pool. In fact, it sounds a bit on the cheaper side. I redid my own circuit panel for mine. Your pool's specs sound just about like mine. 25k gallons, maybe?

    If that is your first quote, be sure to get at least 2 more. Also check for online reviews of the company...Yelp is a good place.

    EDIT: Just saw your question on manual stuff: Mine is ALL manual except for the solar panels. Let's see, for my system I would have to do the following to go from pool-mode to spa-mode:

    (1) Turn off the solar panels (involves flipping one switch...valve then turns on its own...this is the only automation I have).
    (2) Turn off the heater bypass (involves turning one 3-way Jandy valve). The allows water to flow through the heater. Normally I don't have water flow through the heater in pool-mode but I do occasionally just to flush it out a bit now and then.
    (3) Turn the suction 3-way Jandy valve to spa only suction.
    (4) Turn the return 3-way Jandy valve to spa only return.
    (5) Turn on the heater.

    It isn't complicated and take perhaps 1-2 minutes to do it.

    Another bonus for manual valves is the ability to tune them. Not all my valves are fully one way or the other. For example, the return lines. I have my valve right smack in the middle and this shuttles water to both the spa and pool returns, 50% each. For the suction, I have the valve adjusted such that about 75% of the suction is from the pool and 25% is from the spa. Sometime I will flip this to full pool suction if there is a bunch of garbage floating on the pool. I dunno how easy it is to adjust all this stuff via automation but likely, different modes can be programmed so it may be easy.
    25k IG/Spa Figure 8, 18x36, Pebble Sheen Blue Granite, Sta-Rite S8M150 Cartridge Filter, Pentair 460805 400k BTU Heater & 011018 IntelliFlo VarSpd
    Liquidator, Fafco Solar Heat, Polaris PB460 Booster Pump w/280 cleaner, Katchaleaf Cover, TF100 Test Kit, FAKE MAIN DRAIN

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    Re: Need advice on pool specs and quote please


    I suggest that you do two things. One; upgrade the cartridge filter from a ccp320 to larger ccp520. With the 520 you will only have to clean the filter once or twice a year. Well worth the extra cost. Two; add an Pentair Easytouch automation system. You really can't take advantage of having the Intellichlor SWG, Pentair Heater system and Intelliflo vs pump without an automation system. If you do add the Easytouch make sure they include the automated valves necessary to switch between the Pool and Spa. Do you "need" an automation system? Absolutely not. But you will want one every time you manually have to do anything. Buy it now and you can thank me later.. It even might save you from having to redo your electrical panel. Having an Easytouch will allow you to run one line from the Electrical panel and then use the Easytouch as the subpanel for all the pool equipment. The Easytouch comes with either 4 or 8 circuits. I went with the 4 circuit version and now wish I had gone with the 8, as I keep finding things that I want to automate. I also like the idea that you can also add features that allow you to control the pool from your phone or computer.

    Sorry, I should have said the very first you need to get is a 'real' water/chemical test kit, like the one suggested by this site (TF100). I have one and am amazed that anyone would try to take care of their pool without it. Do not rely on whatever cheap POS the pool builder will supply, it just will not work like you will need.

    Jim R.
    Finished in 2015 - 17K Gal, IG, 20' x 25' Almost Rectangular Pool, Pebble finish, three rockport water falls. Pentair Equipment: EasyTouch 4, IC40 SWG, 3 HP VS Pump, CCP520 Cartridge Filter.
    TF100 with SpeedStir and SampleSizer, ColorQ Pro 7, Dolphin Premier Robot Cleaner, added Screen Logic 2, added small 3 person Calder Spa.

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