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Thread: 35x18 what pool cleaner?

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    35x18 what pool cleaner?

    I just got my pool finished yesterday and I am looking at purchasing a pool cleaner asap.

    I have checked out the pool cleaner 4x. but wanted some recomendations before I pull the trigger. I have about 500 dollars to spend so what do you think?

    I have seen some polaris units and my pool company recomends the polaris ATV, but i have not seen any good reviews on it.

    It seems the pool cleaner 2x and 4x have the best reviews.


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    Re: 35x18 what pool cleaner?

    The basic model Dolphin Orion should be in your price range
    the only shortfall is they do not clean the walls, however the result they make on the floor and surface is worth the money

    Theres a ton of reviews around on them, i have been selling them for 4 years, and in that time have had 2 units returned for service - both have required a good clean out of the grit and **** they have accumlated

    The advantage of a robot over a random orbit cleaner is that you put them in the pool when you need them, over their cleaning cycle they will cover the pools surface area, leaving you more efficient skimming of debris. They dont get stuck. They have an inbuilt filter that removes most impurities before your pools filter so reduce backwashing frequency

    thats my opinion anyway - and is fairly unbiassed as i do not export and have no interest in selling you a cleaner

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    Re: 35x18 what pool cleaner?


    Welcome to the forum.

    There is an article in Pool School about auto-vacs which may be helpful.

    Generally, you will pay for cleaning power. In other words, larger pools require more expensive cleaners. You are right at the bottom edge of robots or at the high end for suction sides.

    Most folks who buy a robot seldom look back. They have the advantages Aquaclear-NZ describes in his post and generally, will do a faster, better job in your fairly large pool. You may have to spend up in the 700's. The pressure side cleaners do a great job but with most requiring a booster pump and installed hardware, I don't think they're quite as cost effective.
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    Re: 35x18 what pool cleaner?

    so the dolphin orion is the way to go? I will go check them out. they are a little more than I planned on spending but i guess you get what you pay for.

    any other recommendations?

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    Re: 35x18 what pool cleaner?

    i decided to go with the pool cleaner 2x and a inline polaris LCS skimmer.

    I think it will work fine. I talked to the people at the pool cleaner and they went out of my way to answer questions and earn my business.

    I will post a review later this week


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