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Thread: New pool thanks and checking in for feedback

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    New pool thanks and checking in for feedback

    First of all, thank you to TFP. I read pool school and forum posts for the months while my site work and pool build were going on and so was pretty well prepared when we finally got the pool going. I have not been having any problems but wanted to run my info by the generous folks here for any feedback. Here are my normal/target levels:

    FC - 5
    CC - 0
    pH - 7.4
    TA - 80
    CH - 20
    CYA - 30

    My initial fill was pretty much zero on everything except the pH of course which was about 7.2 which I adjusted with a few ounces of borax after raising the TA with baking soda (about 13 pounds) and adding CYA (almost 4 pounds). I am chlorinating with 8.25% bleach.

    FC 5 is my current target, originally I was going for 4 but found once or twice that I had dropped to 1.5 in 24 hours so bumped the target to give a little more margin for not dropping under the FC 2 minimum. Since making the change, I am ending at FC 2.0-3.5 (usually about 3) after each 24 hours.

    I add 18 oz of bleach for each 1 ppm FC I need, so this has me adding 27-54 oz daily. I am wondering if I should raise the CYA to 40 to reduce the FC usage a little bit? The FC usage seems a little high to me compared with some other posts I read but my CC is always 0, water has remained completely clear, and overnight I lose never more than 0.5 FC. I have been testing morning and evening while I am learning the ropes.

    I seem to hold steady at pH 7.4 without need for any adjustments. When I originally filled I had adjusted to pH 7.5 which drifted down to 7.4 after a day or two. I found that my pH rose to about 7.6 after receiving some significant rain but returned to 7.4 on its own with no treatment after a couple of days.

    I am very happy with what I am doing but open to suggestions.
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    Re: New pool thanks and checking in for feedback

    Welcome to TFP, and Wow, you've studied, and understood the method well,

    Your numbers look good, and it sounds like you're doing great maintaining everything.

    As far as raising the Cya to 40. I personally prefer mine around 40-50, for the reason you stated. With you having the episode of the drop below min and then having to adjust the FC to compensate that of course works too, so either way will be fine, but I personally prefer the 40 CYA on mine so, I don't have as much chance of slipping up and accidently dropping below my min. It's definitely just a personal preference, so whatever you decide to do will be fine. Perhaps others will chime in too and give you their suggestions. Have a wonderful day
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    Re: New pool thanks and checking in for feedback

    i would agree and get your CYA to 40 or so. and don't cut your FC so close to the minimum. have an extra 1-2ppm isn't going to hurt you and give you some buffer.

    other numbers look great! you are lucky to have a steady pH!
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    Re: New pool thanks and checking in for feedback

    Welcome to TFP, and congratulations on the good test readings. Your homework is paying-off.
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