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Thread: New tub owner questions

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    New tub owner questions

    Hey everyone,

    As my name implies I am a noob with a new tub. The wife and I recently purchased our first tub and it will be getting delivered and set up in the next few weeks. It's a Caldera Vanto and is 375gal. I've been doing a TON of research on sanitizer systems and feel like I've gotten a somewhat ok understanding of how this will work. I've spent a lot of time reading through the forum here and all the various threads and feel like this place is a wealth of info.

    So, I've decided to start with a bromine sanitizing system. The dealer I've bought my tub from is also including 4 months worth of cartridges for the spa frog system. I've seen some mixed reviews but I'm thinking I'll give it a try since they are throwing it in the deal. I want to get some input on my start up sequence and see if there is anything I might be missing. Feel free to give me feedback and let me know if I'm missing something. BTW I already ordered and received at Taylor k-2106 test kit to use.

    1. Fill the tub and bring water up to temp
    2. Balance Total Alk.
    3. Balance Calcium Hardness
    4. Balance ph level
    5. Add a 2 oz pack of Brom-start
    6. Complete Start up Shock using bleach ( How much bleach should I use?)
    7. Add spa frog mineral and bromine cartridge into their holder

    Anything I'm missing? I would like to just use bleach for all my oxidizing and shocking purposes since its relatively inexpensive. How much should I add after daily usage? How much for a weekly shock?

    Thanks in advance for the help guys
    Caldera Vanto 375 gal
    Taylor k-2106 kit

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    Re: New tub owner questions

    Welcome, Noob and congratulations on your purchase. I am not a chemical expert like some but I will tell you to get some Ahh-Some and decontaminate your spa before you get in it. What I can tell you would be is fill with water, get the bromine level and heat level to proper, add the Ahh-Some per the directions. If you have to do this twice, so be it. There can be biofilm contaminants left over from the wet test at the factory and you do not want to enjoy their company whatsoever.

    When I got my tub home, it still had water in it from the factory test. I will be running it for the first time next week and the decontamination procedure is number one on my list. Maybe some expert here will assess the other items on your list. Best of luck!
    2015 Bullfrog 131 180 gal Spa Indoor, TFP bromine fed, Taylor K-2106
    2012 2500 gal. Round vinyl AG Pool, Hayward Easy Clear Filter System, chlorine
    1994 Rubbermaid 175 gal horse tub, still looking for advice on algae problem.

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