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Thread: Red Algae

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    Red Algae

    For the past 2 years I have a red algae problem that I can't get rid of... l live in NJ and my pool is currently closed, but I want to try and deal with this as soon as I open it in about a month. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I have tried shocking the pool, as well as using different types of algecide, etc. but nothing has worked. I have been told that red algae is really a bacteria and "yellow out" is the way to go. However, this will turn the pool into a bromine pool, which is something that I really do not want to do. I have a salt generator, keep the CYA at 70 and FC at 2-3.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Red Algae

    First step is to post a full set of test results and the other info in this pool school article
    so we can get a better idea of how to help you.
    Red algae is actually a cyanobacter. It can be difficult to kill but not impossible. How high you need to shock depends on your current CYA level (which is why converting to bromine can kill it--it takes the CYA out of the equation). You are correct that this is not the best solution for a SWG since many cells cannot be used with bromine.
    Keeping your FC at about 4 ppm should solve the problem once you kill it.
    You might find these threads useful as far as your SWG:
    And this to possibly help prevent the return of the red

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    Re: Red Algae

    Hi Gary,

    Two seasons ago, before I started to use the BBB program taught here I had a "pink algae" problem, and I assume that the "pink" is like the "red" - and it's a bacteria as waterbear mentioned.
    I treated it successfully with Yellow Out and the treatmet is
    described here ... ight=algae
    The Yellow Out will not turn your pool into a bromine pool, however, if I had to do it all over again, I would have consulted with the pros here first because what you assume to be the right level of "shocking" is most likely NOT the right one, bearing in mind that your CYA level is 70.
    I was in the same situation as yours and I had no idea what real "shocking" means.
    Pay special attention to what chemgeek, waterbear and other "pros" tell you.
    If shocking by the level suggested here by the pros won't help, you can try Yellow Out as mentioned above. After that, prevention is the key.
    Last season, after I started using the BBB method religiously, the pink algae didn't come back. Moreover, I was almost "shocked" (pun intended) to diescover that I didn't need to shock any more. This was foreseen, by the way, by chemgeek, waterbear, and maybe others, but I don't remember who.
    So you have two good months before opening - there's a lot of stuff available for you to learn here, including getting a good test kit.

    Good luck.
    This is my ticket for Heaven (when all's working..) :
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    380k BTU Raypak Natural Gas Heater (Model RP405A) and solar cover
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    Re: Red Algae

    Poor circulation is also usually part of the problem. Where is the bacteria forming?

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