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Thread: Raypak Heater with bad LED

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    Raypak Heater with bad LED


    I own a 8-year old Raypak RP2100 Digital (Model P-R335A) with a failed LCD and I was hoping to get some advice from this forum. I have never really used the LCD (which has been 'failing' for several years now), I simply turn the unit on using the on/off rocker switch and click the red "Temp Up" switch to max which is about right for my spa (~105Deg F). Recently my heater appears to fire up and runs normally but is only maintaining about 85 Deg F, despite cleaned filters etc.

    My questions are:

    1) Any ideas what the problem might be? Reading the Owner's Manual I suspect it could it be stuck in "Pool" rather than "Spa" mode? I have never really understood what "Pool" mode meant other than a lower max temp setting.

    2) I'm not getting any "click" when I press the switches. The heater unit is in a location exposed to sunlight and the switches now look rather faded and weathered. Can you replace the Switch Decal (Part # 009184F) It looks to be glued on to the front panel?

    3) Can I operate this heater blind? That is simply by counting the "clicks" of the Mode and Temp switches (assuming my switches did actually click). Can anyone tell me when you power up this unit, how many "clicks" are required to get into "Spa" mode and Max temp? Does it have internal memory to maintain the last settings after it is powered off.

    4) If I do 'bite the bullet' and replace the PC Board, is this something a (reasonably) intelligent person can do? Is the wiring the same etc. It sound like they've made some other changes to the ignition etc. The PC Board I have is Part # 601553 (Date Code 1700, Rev 10)

    Thanks for any info.


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    Re: Raypak Heater with bad LED

    It sounds like whatever disease took your display has spread to the control in general. I'd do the replacement. You might also have a different issue like a bad thermostat, a bad high limit or something along those lines but not having the display to show you those issues really hinders you. You'd need to check continuity across those circuits to be sure.

    And yeah, it's a pretty straightforward operation to switch out the board. Just be sure the power's off.

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    Re: Raypak Heater with bad LED

    Thanks Spishex! I can do a continuity check, but finding the right circuits to test is probably beyond my capabilities. I just replaced the the Switch Decal/Panel. The heater still appears to start up fine and it cycles on/off normally. It just maintains a temperature of 85 deg F.

    Is there anyone out there who has one of these units (RP2100 Digital) and can tell me whether it saves the last settings (Spa/Pool) when you power the unit on? Is there a sequence it goes through (e.g. OFF->SPA->POOL) as you click the mode switch?

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    Re: Raypak Heater with bad LED

    My RP2100 Digital goes Off -> Pool -> Spa -> Off and around in a cycle. It remembers the previous setting when the power is turned back on.
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    Re: Raypak Heater with bad LED


    Thanks, that's exactly the info I needed! I've heard elsewhere that the PC Poard on this unit works fine (even if the LCD is chronically failing). Now I'll try some experimenting with the mode button.

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