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Thread: Algae Problem

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    Algae Problem

    I got some green algae in my pool after being gone for a few days. I started the SLAM process two days, ago, keeping my FC level above 16 based on CYA of 40 and running the pump 24/7. Last night I did an OCLT and there was no loss of chlorine during the night - CC was 0.5 or less. I can see green algae on the bottom, so I know it is in there. I thought the FC level would for sure be lower because it would be used up eating the algae. So why would the FC level stay constant overnight? Could it be that the algae is already dead? I thought it would turn more of a gray color if it was dead.

    And a somewhat unrelated question: Once the algae is dead I would like to get it cleaned out ASAP. I have researched a bit online and found that the fastest way is to add a flocculant to settle it all to the bottom, then vacuum it up. What do you all think of that method?
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    Re: Algae Problem

    Have you been brushing the pool, concentrating on the visible algae? Algae can be protected by a,biofilm that the brushing breaks up.

    We do not recommend floculants as they can actually make the problem worse is some situations. With your sand filter you can add little DE to allow it to filter smaller particles. The instructions are in Pool School.
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    Re: Algae Problem

    What you are experiencing is why there are 3 criteria for passing a SLAM. You may have passed your OCLT and your CC may be low, but if you see algae your pool is not clear. As Tim said, brush it up to make sure the chlorine is getting to it (daily brushing or vacuuming is specifically instructed in the SLAM procedures).

    Using floc has too many possible issues if not used exactly right, including possibly ruining your filter. There is no need, once you kill the algae it will filter out.
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