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Thread: New cell not working, multiple indicator lights illuminated

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    New cell not working, multiple indicator lights illuminated

    We have a Mineral Springs (MS-10) SWG system and had to purchase a new cell this year. We bought and installed a Hayward Turbo Cell T-cell 15. Initially, the 'power on' and 'generating sanitizer' lights lit up and the cell seemed to work fine. Then, after about a month or so of use, I noticed a slight cloudiness in the water and found that the 'generating sanitizer' light was no longer lit, and all 4 problem indicators were now illuminated--no flow, check minerals, high minerals, and inspect cell. I checked the salt level in the pool just to be sure, and it is 3000. Regardless, (and I know I'm stating the obvious here...) that set of lights makes no sense--minerals can't be both low and high, and neither would be detected if there was no flow. I have tried various things in an effort to troubleshoot the problem (turning the pump off and back on, turning the SWG box off and back on, unplugging the cell from the box and plugging it back in, examining and cleaning the cell and re-installing it) but to no avail. What is really strange is that the lights remain lit even when the system is turned off (whereas usually all lights go out when the switch is in the off position); this makes me think the problem is with the electrical system within the box rather than with the new cell. I attached a couple of photos of the box--in one, the SWG power switch is in the 'auto' position, and in the other, it is off.

    If anyone has ever seen this before and has any idea what might be going on, and if/how it might be fixed, any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Re: New cell not working, multiple indicator lights illuminated

    This is a baffle. I wonder if you were to phone Discount Salt Pool they might be able to troubleshoot this problem or at least confirm that the two devices are compatible?

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    Re: New cell not working, multiple indicator lights illuminated

    Try resetting the display board and then push the diagnostics button and post the readings.

    Make sure that the power is off to the box before removing the front panel.

    Mineral Springs is made by Hayward and is the same as an AquaRite. They make it as a private label for Bioguard.
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    Re: New cell not working, multiple indicator lights illuminated

    That control box looks similar to the one we have. The boards inside it are actually Hayward/Goldline and they work fine with the T15 cell you mention.

    You should check the current limiter on the main circuit board inside the box. Do a search for thermistor or current limiter in the search box above, that'll give you a handful of threads to read.

    There is also a jumper setting for cell type on the circuit board, but I don't see why all those lights would come on for that.
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