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Thread: Problem with a new liner install - Air gaps behind all corners

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    Problem with a new liner install - Air gaps behind all corners

    The install started on Saturday with the blower/vacuum behind the liner running until Monday. Before we started the initial hose filling, the liner was flush with the corners. By Monday afternoon the liner bead in one corner had popped out and there was air behind all of the corners. Installer got the liner back in the track on Monday but didn't redo the vacuum. When I asked about the gaps, I was told the air gap is normal and that the loose vinyl will not wear any differently than if it was flush with the wall. The gap starts at the top/coping and continues to just below the decorative border.

    Is this true?
    Also, the liner manufacturer mentioned that a glue should have been used in the corners. I do not believe there was any adhesive used.

    If this is a bad install, what should I ask the installer to do to make it right?

    Thanks for your help,
    Burr Ridge, IL

    Video of gaps: 2015 Kessel Pool Liner - YouTube
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    Re: Problem with a new liner install - Air gaps behind all corners

    Welcome, Cynthia. I do know that I've seen a lot of soft corners like yours in other pools, so suspect its common, but would be concerned about whether or not common equals adequate quality on install

    After watching your video, I would be inclind to ask the manufacturer to review the video and comment on whether the installation was to their specification or not. They may well confirm that it is absolutely normal and give you the reassurance you desire.

    My understanding is that liners are made just a bit smaller than measurements in order to stretch/fit snugly, but a question might be how much stretch is too much? I've seen a few installers argue about this elsewhere on the web when digging into liner-related stuff. Which is why I think direct consultation with the mfg would be worthwhile.

    I have a 15-year-old liner in a grecian style pool with a great fit and one if the reasons I'm hesitant to replace it is because I'm afraid I won't get as good a fit next time - (the guy who did it is retired) so my policy has been/is I'm waiting until it fails

    But sooner or later I will be in your shoes and would live to hear what the mfg says

    Here's an article about liner installation. Maybe you can compare notes before asking the mfg for an opinion: Vinyl Liners: Measure Twice, Order Once - AQUA Magazine
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    Re: Problem with a new liner install - Air gaps behind all corners

    My understanding is that this is much more common in pools with "rounded" corners.
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    Re: Problem with a new liner install - Air gaps behind all corners

    Ive seen a few vinyl liner pools and IMO, which is entirely unprofessional, you shouldnt have those air gaps.
    I agree with swampwoman, consult with the liner manufacturer. I dont think contacting the PB will do you much good in this type of situation.

    Again in my unprofessional opinion... the liner was either made too small, or the measurements for it were a little off when they measured it.

    Regarding the pool light.
    There is only 1 screw that attaches it. So that part is right.
    However, the installers stripped off the head of the screw and left it protruding.
    I actually do have experince with this problem. I took my light out and the screw got messed up.
    It can easily be removed with a Vice Grips and I would highly recommend replacing the screw with a Socket Head stainless steel screw. A socket head scerw is the type of screw that needs a allen wrench to tighten it.
    This should be an easy fix.
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Problem with a new liner install - Air gaps behind all corners

    I can't tell you if it's right or not but mine have been that way since day 1 and are still 5 years later.
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    Re: Problem with a new liner install - Air gaps behind all corners

    It's not ideal, but it is common. As long as the liner in not stretched in those areas, it should be ok. Glue is never used on a liner. Glue would only be used on wall foam to adhere it to the wall.
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