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    We recently purchased a used 21' legacy above ground pool... sort of like the intex.. with U shaped support bars. We had sand put down and my husband raked and smoothed the sand and basically eye-balled it thinking it was level... but once filled it was obvious just looking at the water level from side to side it was off... by about 6 inches. Even though he didn't want to, after my nagging about the possibility of someone getting hurt if it collapsed because the low side is only about 10 feet from a wooden privacy fence, he agreed to drain it and try to level it out. But how do we do that? He has put pavers under the low side but the problem is that every time you raise up a spot the bars in the next space come out and they have to be raised up as well to be able to lock them in place... and this just keeps happening all around the pool. Also on what was the low side where it is lifted up the bottom seam now goes up the wall several inches... wondering if this is a problem? And worried that it will make the laser level he's been using not correct. Is there an easy way to make sure it is level? He is already in the process of filling it back up and I know he's not going to be happy if we have to drain it again!! Please help!!
    recently (2015) purchased 10+ year old used 21' legacy above ground pool with metal support bars... hayward pump and I assume hayward sand filter although there are no markings on the filter.

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    Re: pool uneven

    I recently installed a 24' metal pool. We used a 30.00 laser level on a tripod from harbor freight. After it was level in all directions, I would shoot the laser pointer on a yardstick to find where I needed to be. After the pool was filled, I was dead on level. I'm not an expert, but sand, especially 6" will not make a stable base for a 21' pool. I set our pool on earth (solid clay) by finding the lowest block and leveling off it. Some areas were off by 5", but the pool has a stable base. If you only level the posts and not the base, it will put stress on the pool.

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    Re: pool uneven

    You have to dig the high side down to match the lowest side,then level the blocks with the ground so they don't rub on the liner.
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    26' X 52 Intex Ultra Frame Install
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    Re: pool uneven

    I used a bunyip to level my pool a used lomart 18 ft. I knew it would take me more than a day to level with a laser. Using the bunyip ( use the search feature here and you tube to learn) I was with in 1/2" of level. Pretty good.
    Used pool 1995 Lomart 18'x48" just installed 7/16/2015, Hayward Power Flo Matrix 1 HP 2 speed pump, 16" Rx Clear Radiant sand filter ( used pea gravel and zeolite) foam wall, polystyrene bottom, liner 25 gauge overlap, TF-100 test kit. Son training for 2018 Paralympics, Hoping for solar heater of some sort. Good chance Labrador will be in pool. Colorado Prairie, 6000 ft elevation high mountain desert, clay soil

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