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Thread: Southern California New Build help

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    Southern California New Build help

    New to this forum. need some advice on my proposed setup.

    1. Spa
    I am considering using a dedicated XF pump, running two separate return lines to the spa, with a 3-way valve. The idea being that 99% of the time there are 2 people max using the spa, and I can shut off the unused jets and run the pump at lower RPM. I have not come across this setup in the many online postings I have browsed since trying to design this pool.

    2. Circulation
    I plan on running the main pump at low RPM on a 8-hour turnover, once every 24 hrs, between midnight and 8AM as I am on a time-of-use meter, which significantly lowers my elec rate at night (put this in for my electric car). The auto-cover will be closed during this time. I have read that it is beneficial to turnover during sunlight hours when using a chlorinator. Should I be turning over with the cover open during the day? I do have the lower rates on Sat and Sun, and can modify the schedule for weekends.

    Many Thanks
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    Re: Southern California New Build help

    I would think your spa set up would work just fine and would save on electricity when not in use.

    With an SWG, you're better off trying to split your run sessions into perhaps two or three units. For instance, 3 sessions of 2-3 hours a piece. The distinct advantage of an SWG is maintaining a more constant free chlorine level throughout the day. If you find that 8 hours on a certain % output from your SWG is enough, I would for example do two 3 hour sessions during your cheap electricity times and one two hour session during the day.

    It should not matter when you open the cover but when it's closed, you'll be losing less chlorine to the sun. At night, you won't lose any to the sun, but it will cool the pool (good or bad depending on time of season). Turnover is relatively meaningless as a gauge for pump runtime. Run your pump enough to keep your pool chlorinated with the SWG, that's it. As long as the returns and skimmers are laid out properly for adequate circulation throughout the pool, that's enough.

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