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Thread: discolorations in new pebble pool

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    discolorations in new pebble pool

    Hi everybody. I am new to this forum and a new pool owner. Well actually, I just remodeled my pool with a contractor who has been a nightmare. He installed a new pebble finish in midnight blue. Its been almost 3 weeks since he has installed the pool and I have noticed these colorations from the first day. He assured me they would go away and to "keep brushing". So far they haven't gone away and I can't really say they have dramatically decreased either which has me nervous.

    I read about something similar in another thread and the poster said it was due to a poor job in acid washing the pool after installation. I was hoping to post my pictures and see if somebody could help identify the problem and hopefully the solution...

    thanks for your help in advance!!

    BWT the corners pictured are the worst areas and i used these areas because they are the most clear examples, however I have this problem on smooth surfaces as well (although to a lesser degree).


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    Re: discolorations in new pebble pool

    Welcome to TFP! Vey sorry to hear about your concern with the new finish. Sounds like you have not had the greatest experience with your contractor either. In any case, try your best to keep a good relationship with them to stay on their good side (if they have one). Don't burn any bridges yet. You might keep this page handy for your own reference's sake: Pool School - Start-up New Plaster. Even though if refers to plaster specifically, some info may be helpful. But most importantly, follow the contractor's guidance for warranty purposes first, and keep good notes throughout the process if things get ugly later. I hope not, but you never know. I hope things improve and you end-up with a final product you always dreamed of. Good luck!
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    Re: discolorations in new pebble pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    What you are seeing is plaster. There is either more plaster there or less pebble there. It isn't a problem other than visually. Acid washing will remove plaster and expose pebble. We had a couple of spots that were worse than others and the PB did the acid down a tube and brush trick, which helped. We still have quite a few places similar to yours. After a month or so we decided we didn't care and just left it as is. Three years later it is still like that and we still don't really care. I am really the only one who ever noticed it and nobody has ever noticed it or commented on it. It is easy to get really picky about small details when building or remodeling a pool (believe me, I know!) but the overall pool, setting and quality of work is most important.
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    Re: discolorations in new pebble pool

    well I wouldn't expect it to get better, so I would start getting more forceful with the contractor to fix it. have you fully paid them already? if so, you might be out of luck. if not, do not release final payment until this is fixed. I disagree (often) with others on this forum as to how to deal with contractors. most will not do the right thing if it involves costing them money, and they will keep giving you excuses to try and get you to accept, but I would not hesitate to tell them it needs to be corrected. that's just not good workmanship, and they know it too. but if they think they can keep telling you to brush and it will get better and you will eventually drop the issue, that's what they will do.
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