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Thread: Old pool owner- pool restored and now I am gonna do it myself

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    Old pool owner- pool restored and now I am gonna do it myself

    I recently had a pool restoration. I used to maintain the pool years ago when the pool was new. I soon became too busy with family and hired someone to maintain it.

    The pool really disintegrated under his care... I didn't bother to follow what was going on and low and behold everything fell apart... oh every year there were many issues and equipment purchases but I figured he knew what he was doing and just wrote checks...

    I have had Ozonators, Bromine, UV , and several salt systems... I have had every pool vac system possible... I had a new one every year....

    Now that I am choking on the restoration costs and kids have grown... I want things to go right... I went over the 15 years of invoices and it soon became apparent what had happened... so many pool pumps so many vacuums so many salt cells.... on and on...

    Most emergent now... I need a new pump for my 6 ft sheer descent waterfall. I was never thrilled with the ones I had as they were so forceful! The waterfall was loud! It is 3 ft above the pool. The old pump was an American Products 1.5 hp with 1.5 inch plumbing... Even with the adjustment to lower the amount of water we could all still swim behind the waterfall.... so...

    Due to corrosion and the pump rusted and impossible to repair I will buy a new pump and install it... Would a 1 hp do the trick? I am thinking of the Whisperflow... I have whisperflo's for my pool and one for the Jacuzzi. I have always had a dedicated pump for the sheer descent. The pool is so new that I am not using the salt system yet... must wait a month...

    I have been monitoring the chemical balance daily and this time will not allow any solid chemicals... hopefully I will avoid the scale and destruction of my equipment... Who knew that I needed shaft seals meant for salt water? Who knew that there were things I could have done to protect the heater? Who knew that my pool expert never emptied the pump baskets? I just figured that if I needed to do it he would tell me! Whatever he suggested I always went with it. I was dumb!

    Any thoughts about decreasing the horsepower of the water feature?

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    Re: Old pool owner- pool restored and now I am gonna do it myself

    If it's a dedicated pump, I don't see an issue with going with a 1HP if the 1.5 was too much. Someone else will certainly chime in on this if I'm wrong.

    But... those days are over now and you're here and we have a wonderful line up of educational links for you in Pool School to read up on and say... OMG, what was I thinking wasting all that money but we will not hold it against you! lol Now, go forth and protect that new finish and do us all a favor... TAKE PICS!

    Welcome to TFP!!!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Old pool owner- pool restored and now I am gonna do it myself

    What about a variable speed pump so that the flow rate can be adjusted and lowered to the desired amount?
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