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Thread: Help with Chlorine Levels

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    Help with Chlorine Levels

    I've been reading in the forums about how to balance the water of my pool. We live in a farming area where crop dusters spray the fields. I am sure some of that has affected our pool. I've been to the pool company about 10 days ago and did a test and they said everything was good, but that I needed to add phosphate remover. The phosphates at that time were at 578 ppb. We added the remover and it dropped the phosphates to 550 ppb, but did not affect the FC levels. You can see the results below. We've added a second round of phosphate remover and the chlorine still has not come up. From what I gather by reading the forums, we probably need to add liquid chlorine to the pool. I am just not sure how to know how much or what type to use. While we have had the pool since 1990, this is the first year that we have really struggled with chlorine levels like this. Any help is appreciated.

    Robert McCready

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    Re: Help with Chlorine Levels

    Your CYA is too high so your chlorine level isn't keeping up. I would recommend getting a good test kit and testing yourself. The link for test kits is in my signature. Once you get that, you will need to drain and refill some of your water. Stop using shock and solid chlorine like pucks. Use only liquid chlorine or regular unscented 8.25% bleach.
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    Re: Help with Chlorine Levels

    I am not an expert, but they are going to tell you that pool store tests are not accurate, and you need a good test kit. Also I would guess you need to know your CYA level in order to know how much chlorine you need to add. Using chlorine tabs adds CYA and over time seems to overload the pool with it.

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    Re: Help with Chlorine Levels

    Welcome to TFP Robert!

    Phosphates aren't your problem. They are a cash cow for pool stores, but otherwise they are almost never a concern for a typical pool.

    Your CYA/Stabilizer level is on the high side in spite of the levels your pool store considers okay. Typical result of using chlorine tablets. This makes your chlorine less effective, and can allow algae to get started. Even though you can't see it, it's there and consuming chlorine. You need to stop using any kind of stabilized chlorine to keep from raising CYA any higher. That includes tablets, granules and powders. If it were earlier in the year, I'd recommend you drain some water to reduce your copper and CYA, but we are so close to the end of the swimming season it probably isn't worth it.

    The first problem you have is relying on a pool store for test results. Though you may be lucky and have good one, in almost all cases their testing is no better than guessing. You are far better off to get your own kit and do the testing yourself. The TF-100 from is the one I'd recommend, or you can also get the Taylor K-2006 from the same place. Best money you can invest in your pool.

    For the short term, you need to maintain your chlorine levels according to Recommended Levels. Chances are you need to follow the process for SLAMing Your Pool to get your chlorine consumption under control. Read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry to get started.

    You have iron and copper in your water. Make sure you don't use any copper containing algaecides or 3 in 1 chlorinating products. The copper is what causes green hair. The metals can cause staining of your pool surfaces as well.
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    Re: Help with Chlorine Levels

    CYA is 93 and they are saying to add "3 inch multipurpose tablets"

    Gee... I wonder what they will have him add next?....after the drain and refill
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    Re: Help with Chlorine Levels

    Quote Originally Posted by lefty51 View Post
    CYA is 93 and they are saying to add "3 inch multipurpose tablets"

    Gee... I wonder what they will have him add next?....after the drain and refill
    Probably depends on the most expensive thing they sell. It's pretty cheap to mess up your pool, they get their money back when you have to buy high dollar chemicals to fix what they set you up for in the first place. It's a total racket.
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    Re: Help with Chlorine Levels

    Its an evil ploy by the pool stores. They test your water, have you buy chemicals that are sure to ruin your water, then test again, and sell you more chemicals to fix what they screwed up to begin with. This is the reason people have a bad view of pool ownership. "I don't want a pool because they are too much trouble." This view is caused by guess what? POOL STORES screwing everything up from day one.
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    Re: Help with Chlorine Levels

    As you have probably read by now, Chlorine pucks will progressively raise your CYA level until you cannot feasibly add enough chorine to sanitize.
    So year after year the CYA level would have been rising and now it is getting tough to manage.
    Worse still the pool company is reporting CYA is OK and that is far from the truth.
    If you want to get control of this you will need to own it. Don't let the pool guy pay for his Disney trip off your misery.
    To own it,
    1. You need to be able to measure it; Get your own reputable test kit. Either a TF-100 like most of us use or the Taylor K-2006 are both great kits.
    2. Understand it; while you wait for your kit, browse Pool School.
    3. Diagnose it; Take your own measurements with your test kit.
    4. Treat it; Likelihood is you may have to partially drain your pool and refill with tap water to bring your CYA back into a manageable range, but let your own test results define this.

    There are only a few things you need to keep your pool in order chemically and most don't require a visit to the pool store.
    Bleach: Chlorine source - Unscented and as fresh & strong as you can get. It comes in strengths from 6 to 12.5% Sometimes it works out cheaper buying in bulk from a chemical supplier where you bring your own refillable container.
    Borax: Raises pH. Not needed regularly. Yes, the 20 Mules laundry booster.
    Muriatic Acid: Lowers pH.
    BiCarb: Raises Alkalinity. Not needed regularly. Yes the Arm & Hammer stuff.
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