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Thread: Hot tub - Is it worth the trouble? - couple questions

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    Hot tub - Is it worth the trouble? - couple questions

    I have an opportunity to get a hot tub at no cost. There is some major damage to the cover and a few cracks but no leaks. My first question is whether or not having a hot tub is worth it. I doubt that me and my family will spend any major amount to time in the hot tub. I'm anticipating it will get only occasional use. That said, how difficult is a hot tub to maintain?

    Second - There are "spider web" looking cracks on the inside shell but there are no leaks. Are these a major concern or is it just cosmetic?

    Third - The cover is torn on one end and allows water to soak into the pad making the cover extremely heavy and difficult to lift on one end. Can these things be fixed or is a new cover the only alternative? If so, anyone know where to find the cheapest cover?

    I would love to add pictures but I do not have possession of the hot tub. Just trying to determine exactly how much "free" is going to cost me over the long run.

    Last question: My daughter is 5. Are there any dangers/precautions of allowing her to use the hot tub?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    Re: Hot tub - Is it worth the trouble? - couple questions

    Truthfully, we don't use ours nearly as much as we should considering the cost and time for upkeep. No one has been in ours in two months yet it still requires water care. Skippy says not to drain it and turn it off lest the gaskets, pump, etc dry out.
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    Re: Hot tub - Is it worth the trouble? - couple questions

    We love our tub, we use it 5+ days per week fall thru spring. Once a week maybe when it is 100 outside. It is not easier to maintain a tub than a pool. Gallons of water per person is much lower and the 100* water complicates it as well. But, it isn't difficult to maintain it. We use this process and it works great.
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    Re: Hot tub - Is it worth the trouble? - couple questions

    I am much like pooldv, use it in the winter, but not when it is 100 degrees outside. I would say it is a little easier to maintain than a pool, but depends my hot tub has both a SWCG and an ozone generator so there is little daily worry.

    The bigger question here I think is how much will that free tub cost you as you do not mention, brand, model or age and only a little on condition. Having said that knowing what I know now after a couple of years of ownership of an older good condition quality brand hot tub I will say all of the above matter, and there are tubs I would not take even if they were nearly new and in great shape if they were from a bargain basement company.

    Here are a few rules of thumb, only consider quality brand tubs not sold through big box stores, that are in good condition and less than about 15 years old. Run away from anything that does not have digital controls which will be mostly pre 21st century products. You will see a lot of people saying the useful life of a hot tub is 5-7 years, some of the cheaper ones are lucky to last this long, however if you look at a quality tub that has been kept in a location where it is protected from the elements they can last much longer.

    In a lot of ways hot tub development over the last 15-20 years has been a lot like car development, a 1995 model will seem almost antique, where a 2000 model might seem only a little dated and mostly missing bells and whistles and a 2005 model may seem almost modern except for some styling cues, ....

    In fact I would go as far as to say that the only big changes in hot tubs in the last 10 years have been bells and whistles, almost literally with color changing LED lighting, in tub sound systems, and internet enabled remote controls.

    There has also been a big move away from wood finished cabinets, my 1998 Hot Spring Jetsetter was the last year Hot Spring used real wood on the cabinet, after that they moved to synthetic fake wood, and the trend now is towards stone looking finishes, personally I am glad I don't have one of those early fake wood cabinet tubs, as they tended to color shift with age. I should probably note that even though my tub is a 1998 model, it has probably spent its entire life indoors so is not weathered, and 98 was the first year of the styling with digital controls that went unchanged until 2005, and was even offered as the "Classic" line until 2008.
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    Re: Hot tub - Is it worth the trouble? - couple questions

    I have had a tub for over 7 years. Bought it used for $800.00. I used it every single day, sometimes twice a day. It finally gave up the ghost and it took me one year, three months, two weeks and three days to save up the money for another. It was a horrible, depressing year for me, without it. I have the new one sitting here waiting for cooler weather. I traditionally empty the tub every June 1st til Sept. 1st when I have the pool running. But now, I am rethinking this habit. There is nothing like a quick dip in the morning or a warmer upper directly out of the shower.

    All I can say is, if you like to tinker, are part mad scientist, like chemistry, and love the feeling of warmth surrounding you when the snow is falling and wind is howling, go for it. It gives me time to appreciate Mother Earth and Father Time. But since you are in NC, snow can be taken out of the equation, I imagine. Best of luck in your decision making.
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