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Thread: Spring Startup balancing

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    Spring Startup balancing

    I tested my water a few days ago to facilitate the buying of chemicals for my spring balancing. I was wondering if there is a specific order and wait periods in-between for balancing, especially for a spring start-up? I had the following results:

    TC 0
    PH 7.2
    TA 80
    CH 200
    CYA 35
    Temp 50 - estimated

    I know my TC and PH needs some instant attention but should I let it circulate a few days and test again before putting anything in? Is it okay to just go to shock levels for FC and add the Borax needed all at once?

    Its probably in TFP somewhere but I was looking for a pecking order for getting things in balance and wait times inbetween to let things settle for a good reading. I know CYA takes a while to dissolve but beyond that?
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    Re: Spring Startup balancing

    Your CYA might be higher than you think. The test is somewhat temperature dependant. I would wait until the water warms up a bit before adding more.

    Actually, except for the lack of chlorine your pool actually is fairly balanced right now. I don't really see anything else that needs major attention. Even the CYA is within range. The pH is certaily within range and if you are using unstabilized chlorine (such as bleach) there is a good chance that you will see some pH rise once the pool gets some aeration. I would not really bother adjusting it since it will rise on it's own.

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