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Thread: Confused!!

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    Ok so we have had our AGP for about 6 weeks and we are completely new at it. The chlorine is forever dissipating (even if I have two 3" tablets consistently floating in the pool) and I end up shocking it once per week. Which is fine, but I have yet to get it to stay at a level playing field. Its either too much(after shocking) or not enough. The ph seems fine consistently. My calcium hardness was 240 so I added the 20lbs calcium in two separate increments, so far. However I tested today after shocking it last night and the hardiness is off the charts. It is way worse then it was a week ago when I added another 10lbs. UGH!! I am so confused on how to fix all these issues. Every website or pool place I call gives me a different answer. I don't know where to begin! Anyone please help????

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    Re: Confused!!

    We got your back!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I believe you are the third member from Cookeville, TN. Hopefully one of the others will be along soon to welcome you. Until then.


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    From the Home page: exists to develop and promote a simple, inexpensive, and effective system of pool care.....Trouble Free Pool Care (TFPC).

    We provide a forum where pool owners can learn, develop and share their pool / spa knowledge.

    We believe that armed with the power of understanding, any pool owner can achieve and maintain crystal clear water without reliance on the often unproductive advice and unneeded expense from pool stores.

    We emphasize the importance of self management, self testing and a willingness to learn.

    It is also our mission to help owners troubleshoot all parts of their pools....frequently allowing the owner to DIY a task that he/she could not accomplish alone.
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    Re: Confused!!

    Welcome to TFP! The links below are everything you need to maintain your water. Take a few minutes to read them and ask any questions along the way:
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
    Poolmath calculator
    Pool School - Recommended Levels
    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals
    Pool School - Test Kits Compared

    Nice to have you with us!
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    Re: Confused!!

    Welcome to TFP start wit the links provided above you are in good hands
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    Re: Confused!!

    If you'll put in the time to read the above links you can forever take control of your pool and stop being a victim of pool stored. In simple terms the steps required are to obtain a quality testing kit so you are in charge of the numbers. Then using pool math tool you'll know exactly what to add and when to add it. Finally you will only be adding simple obtainable components like household liquid bleach and muratic acid. No pucks ever. No algaecides or up/down or shock or clarifiers. You'll never have to visit a pool store again. But you have to take control and that starts with learning the basics and updating your profile with the particulars of your pool design. It's in your court.
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    Re: Confused!!

    Quote Originally Posted by tarabrz View Post
    My calcium hardness was 240 so I added the 20lbs calcium in two separate increments, so far. However I tested today after shocking it last night and the hardiness is off the charts. It is way worse then it was a week ago when I added another 10lbs. UGH!!
    I'm confused---why did you add more calcium after you saw it was high to begin with...that is going to only make it go higher, which you've figured out. Were you advised to add more calcium? It's not that important that you're way over in a vinyl pool though, so don't fret about it. The first step is to get a good test kit---what are you using to test now?
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    Re: Confused!!

    Take a deep breath, familiarize yourself with the terminology you need in Pool School, and order one of the recommended test kits there. A vinyl pool only needs about 50 CH if that. You are dealing with morons at that particular pool store. Only way to lower that number is to replace water, but you may not be too far off the charts to panic just yet. We live and die by GOOD test results here. List up the rest of your current numbers for us please and add your pool specs in a signature like mine below in your profile.
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    Re: Confused!!

    Hi Tara,
    Unortunately, you are on the long list of folks who have been pool stored.

    First of all, a Vinyl pool does not need a required calcium content. Its important for plaster ones. So, let that problem go. Your CH is just fine where it is now.

    Next, I recommend get your own quality and repeatable test kit and stay away from the pool store from now on, as well as low quality test kits that are not repeatable.
    Most of us here on TFP use the TF100 test kit. Only available online at

    Without a good test kit, there isnt any way to ever be in control of your pool, and know what it needs. TFP only advocates what your pool needs, and not what someone at a pool store wants to sell you (whether you need it or not).

    Like woody mentions, click on the Pool School button, and start with filling out your signature, because we will need your pool specifics to answer many of your questions.
    After that, start reading the ABCs of pool chemistry. I will shed a lot of light on some things for you.

    And here are some references for you.
    Pool School - Recommended Levels
    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

    Quote Originally Posted by tarabrz View Post
    SO we had an AGP put in about 6 weeks ago. We are complete;y new to this whole thing. I had the water tested at the pool store and they told me the calcium hardiness was 240. At their direction, I have now put about 25lbs of calcium in the water. With that said after shocking the pool last night, I have found that the Calcium hardiness is now even higher then it was when I first started this process! I am getting extremely frustrated(and going broke buying these chemicals!). Now I know that shocking the pool can raise the calcium, but does that mean that I have to start all over again and the calcium will not go back down? Also I cannot get my chlorine under control. The level is either too high or two low and there is never an ideal range. I have two 3" tabs floating in the pool at all times but to no avail, it continues to be under chlorinated unless I shock it. I am so confused with all this information and continue to get different info from the pool store and online! Please someone HEEEELLLPPP!!! Thank you!
    Divin Dave,
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