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Thread: Low Salt Aquatrol

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    Low Salt Aquatrol

    I'm using the new Low-Salt Aquatrol

    I have few question

    The new Low-Salt Aquatrol doesn't come with a flow switch nor a timer.

    All the sales people i spoke to said that you can shutoff the pool pump and leave the Aquatrol running (generating chlorine) and it won't damage the cell if there is no flow... IS THIS TRUE ???

    I want to set all my AGP system on timer.

    The Two speed 120V CGFI outleted circulation pump runs on Low speed most of the time.
    The 240V hardwired pool Heater pump can only run when the flow is high enough (that means that if the circulation pump is either off or on low speed, the heater pump will not work)
    The Aquatrol Low-Salt runs 24/24 since it is not on timer.

    Because i don't want to damage the Cell i have my circulation pump runs 24/24 on low speed except when i need to heat the pool. I then manually switch the circulation pump to high and turn on the Heater pump. This is very annoying and i'm still trying to automatise this operation.

    Because the new Aquatrol Low salt does not come with timer nor flow switch.. Is there a solution to my needs ?

    I want the pump heater to run at a specific time and the circulation pump to run on low speed when the heater is not running but at the same time i want the Aquatrol not to run if there is no flow.

    Do i need to add a timer module to the Low-Salt Aquatrol ?
    Do i need to add a flow switch to the Low-Salt Aquatrol ?

    What happen if the Low-Salt Aquatrol is on when there is no flow ? ( i tested it and noticed the chlorine coming out from the return...slowly..) can it damage the pool/cell if the pump is off for too long ?

    I don't understand why the Above ground pool technology/industry is so primitive. I need an automate solution that doesn't cost leg and arm.

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    Re: Low Salt Aquatrol

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Low Salt Aquatrol

    Quote Originally Posted by Casey View Post
    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Found the answer....

    I'll just share since nobody here had the answer.

    The newest Low-Salt Aquatrol doesn't come with a flow Switch.

    There is a Phone Jack input at the base (like the old Aquatrol) but that phone jack will not recognize the optional Flow Switch that you can buy as part. Because the main board on the low-salt version has the flow feature disabled by default.. and the only way to enable the FlowSwitch feature is to ship the main board to Hayward.
    (presuming you know how to remove the board from the white metal case)..

    So for now and until i find a better idea, is to set my water pump on timer along with the SWG.. As soon they are both in off position (because of the timer), it will force the Heater pump to shutdown since it can not detect the flow.

    Both the SWG and the Water pump are on an intermatic 15A 120V timer...

    now because i cut the SWG running time by half... i had to double the generation ratio% knob..

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    Re: Low Salt Aquatrol

    I'm interested in this concept and just read through the manual to see what I could find. The cell must be mounted just like they describe so the chlorine gas will not build up in the cell or plumbing. What doesn't make any sense is letting it run 24/7 even when there isn't any water flow. This idea seems like it is asking for problems.

    I think you have the best solution by putting the pump and SWG on a timer. Please let us know how it works out for your pool.
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