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Thread: Jandy Aquapure 1400 front board or back board?

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    Jandy Aquapure 1400 front board or back board?

    Hi professionals! I have a sensor problem on my cell unit. Now I know that if the cell detects a reading of salt over 4.0 that chlorine production either stops or will function incorrectly. At the end of last year I replaced the cell itself and had no problems at all setting it up with the "Daughter Board".

    My problem is that the cell detects a salt reading of 4.5 (4,500 ppm). Chlorine production has stopped. Error code 145 has been flashing and this correlates to too much salt and requires a water change. The next day I checked again and the readout says 5.7. I definitely have a board problem as when I checked my water with my K-1766 kit I got a reading of 3,600 which is exactly what I thought I had. The board is past its prime for sure as it has lasted 6 years. I understand with all the reading I've done here on this site that this unit is not the best...and I've outlasted most others in the way of problems with the board.

    I reset the daughter board hoping beyond hope that that would fix my problem. No dice there. I can get a new back board for around $170.00. Is this my only alternative? Is my problem elsewhere?

    water temp=81
    chlorine =5
    salt (true)=3,600

    All other pertinent values are in line with what I should have. The pool itself looks marvelous. I've been supplementing the chlorine with liquid chlorine to keep my levels up. Equipment such as all filter elements and baskets are clean. The cell itself looks as good as the day it came last year (no gunk buildup).

    So, I'm calling in the professionals, yourselves, to help me solve my issues. I have no problem replacing the board, if that is what I need to do. At this time I've disconnected the cell and essentially running it as a chlorinated pool. I would like to fix my problem as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance of your timely responses.
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    Re: Jandy Aquapure 1400 front board or back board?

    "Disconnect the flow salinity temp sensor from the front board. Press and hold the test*
    buttons marked salinity and R-temp. While still pressing the test buttons press the ‘Salinity’
    key (‘C’) on the front cover of the unit. The LCD should read 2.8 gpl*.*
    While still holding the two front board test buttons press the ‘Pool Temperature’ key (‘D’). It*
    should read 75 F or 24 C.*
    Next, press and hold the board ‘H-Temp’ test button, and at the same time press the ‘Salinity’
    key (‘C’) together with the ‘Chlorine Production Rate’ arrow down key (‘A’) on the front*
    cover of the unit. The LCD should read 91 F or 33 C .*
    If the readings are correct then the front board is O.K. and the problem is with the flow sensor."
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