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Thread: Eye, skin irritation and coughing sneezing

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    Eye, skin irritation and coughing sneezing

    I have 2 indoor swim schools. One was recently upgraded to a pool pilot proffesional by autopilot with 4 cc-15 cells. It is fully automated with a cat controller and a acid feed tank. Since we got the system online we have problems with eye annd skin irritation. We also get people coughing and sneezing alot. There is no chlorine smell coming off the pool. We have been using a nonchlorine shock to try to fight the cc levels.

    When ever the system kicks on we have people complaing withen 30 minutes. If the system is left on over night we cannot enter the pool the following day. Contacted autopilot and pool proffesionals in Las Vegas and have gotten no answers on why we are havig these problems.

    Our other facility is still using chlorine tablets and has occasional problems with people sneezing and coughing. We also have a few teachers who get rashes from the water, but not everyone.

    We need help so our students can enjoy the pool. Willing to add any system needed in order to fix this mess.

    Our salt pool is 40,000 gallons kept and 90 degrees. We have approx 100 - 200 kids a day going thru it

    Our tablet pool is 27,000 gallons with approx 75-125 kids going thru it a day.

    Aby help would be great.

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    Re: Eye, skin irritation and coughing sneezing


    as i said on the phone, if the problem only occurs when SWG it's running it looks to me like it is generating too much chlorine.

    Can you provide us with your water chemistry numbers?

    CYA, CC level, FC level, PH etc...

    Can you give us 2 lots of measurements, one when the users feel comofrtable, and another when teh SWG has been run for about an hour?

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    Re: Eye, skin irritation and coughing sneezing

    Non-chlorine shock can cause problems with ORP automation, which the CAT controller is using. Though, that problem wouldn't have the symptoms you describe.

    A full set of water test numbers, or better yet two sets, one when the water is fine and one when it is causing problems, is really the place to start.
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    Re: Eye, skin irritation and coughing sneezing

    Welcome to TFP! As noted above, a full set of water chemistry numbers (see this post in the Pool School) will really help. Don't forget to note the Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level. If it's zero, then the chlorine in the pool will be too strong potentially causing more nitrogen trichloride to be produced; if it's too high, then monochloramine can build up.

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    Re: Eye, skin irritation and coughing sneezing


    Please get a hold of me off line, after you've posted a full set of water chemistry results.
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