This is my second topic in this forum after receiving very informative stuff from some of the veterans of this forum. One of the issues that I encounter is pool technicians that don't seem to know some of the subtleties of maintaining fountains where chlorination has to be monitored very carefully if used at all. Last week I got a call from a high end fountain installer asking me to visit one of their clients and ***** the situation with a fountain that they installed a couple of months ago. The center piece is hand carved Italian Limestone with a Coquina surround and it is my estimation that the owners must have paid a pretty penny for it. The minute I looked at the basin floor and saw granular material around the base, I knew what I was dealing with. I opened the chlorinator I found the remainings of two 3"pucks and one whole one (thank god that the it was at its lowest setting). Needless to say that the test showed the FC/TC way out of the safe range. The upper bowl was already showing deterioration. Well, I flushed the whole system, refilled the basin and gain a new customer. By the way the adjacent pool was perfectly balanced.

I just hope this helps a few to understand that fountains need just as much care and in some case more than pools.